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  1. @aelian xa0x0a0x0ax0a0 i can not reply to this like i would like to more infos in pms >>^.^<<
  2. RoninsfromPS lvl 11 PvE/PvP clan Clan hall: Giran Nationalities: International/Hungarian Chat language: mostly English, important information shared in eng/hu/gr Clan activities: Inner and Outer Messiah Citadel, Fortress and other sieges, epics and much more fun. We recruit active 101+ lvl, team players who enjoy both PvE and PvP, especially people who would love to join or create a CP. We do not recruit idiots, people known for bad behaviour, chat pvp masters or drama queens. For more infos pm/mail SecondBreath or Boszorkany.
  3. My sweety my you misunderstand my question it ok for me to take 2 days pentaldy on my main char main mail etc... But why to take at the same time the same penaldy to boxes that never had a mentee in the past ? More details : i kicked a mentee from SecondBreath and i got also 2 days pentanldy on mentoring to my dwarfy that its on a total defferent acount (dwarfy inventory rocks xD).
  4. Transform Sealbook:Dragon Bomber Transform Sealbook:Golem Guardian Transform Sealbook:Grail Apostle Transform Sealbook:Inferno Drake Transform Sealbook:Lilim Knight Transform Sealbook:Unicorn reply here or pm/mail in game SecondBreath >>^.^<<
  5. @CataPvE the rate is 5% so i am not sure if this is bug i know ppl who used only 1 scroll and others who used 70 in row to manage it .
  6. @Helv Try practice on gc low no stun there just try to keep your eyes open there for the "yul" mobs to sleep them or kill them fast before they aoe and all pt get wiped
  7. @Kukumelu unfortunately some ppl are not "testing" their chars they put limits one what they are able to do just cause they are not testing useful combos i do not say that chars mechanics are limitless, but for sure are not that poor as some ppl want to bealive . >>^.^<<
  8. @DominoD well i have not see that active ppl in freya in general >>^.^<< 1cp clan makes no difference from 1 man clan >>^.^<< for those clans who have some active ppl/pts then its time for them to learn how to play regrouping ,assisting /targetting ,group work , have a nice comanter etc clan is not only to offer a clan tag and clan skills members needs and have to help the clan they are in with stuff like these >>^.^<<
  9. About buffs i am also a bit disapointing only cause i can not buff npc's anymore lackis , frantic , superior inqusition yes are usless to me also now but not really as well on the past Summon lumi... you have to know how to use it its tricky + in oly helps a lot on unhiding targets @Kukumelu +1 about balance but i prefear the tree , +1 about the cc buff as well (does not work on othels though too much miss -.-) Radiant heal... has a BIG DIFFERENCE depens on Panic... you can make it ++ (yes the casting of it is bad , but still helps) >>^.^<<
  10. L2 is suppose to be a "group" game ... no solo ftw... New fortress yes is hard for solo players and need a nice pt or 2-3 normal pts with nice comunication. Fortess instance is also harder now but xp rocks even on 104lvl In my opinion is war about time to make the game a bit more teamplay. Its more preferable to see low clans with nice activity t ohave fortress instead of a soloplayer 1 man clan to "spoil" half of fortresses cause he just have the gear to. >>^.^<< P.s. : someone said about ch instances (lidia, nuruka etc) it sucks they do
  11. As the video says on the oppening even its Orfen update We have salvation one So this next year
  12. @Cradle what you mean by new macro ? if you mean the new "next target" that will be 2 : 1 for targeting mobs and 1 for targeting players , this is gonna be in the next big update now if you have something els in mind , share with us your infos/ideas
  13. @Skatt boy just summon it to do your job and put it out Jesus what problems ppl have around -.- P.s.: this agathion whas the reason when i started to play to make my lvl's go faster >>^.^<<
  14. @D11b10 ok 1 learn to read 2 give time to yourself to understand what you have read 3 if you do not understand something ask for details I clearly did not said that you mentiont our iq somewhere. But based on your reply , what you give us to belive.
  15. @Helv Your welcome if you have more questions just let us know >>^.^<<
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