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  1. i have the same feeling but why they pop it up everytime to new quests ?
  2. 1 you have to chooce something you like to play (if we follow next update of korea dual will need also 105 lvl ) 2 light gear -> iss , tyrr (tyrr with fist is op as i have heard, but all tyrs are nice) yul , othel or even healer (on pve is good with leather but robe isbest on pvp part) In my point of view you should first see what you would love to play and then if you want to short of the opionts choose between yul othel and tyrr cause of similar needs from dualclass skils. (healer need nice amount of hp to be able to stay alive and keep a pt alive is 101+ xp zones and iss
  3. If i remember well they said that paulinas twilight will remain in game and given by the quests , so i think after be awakening when you give a quest or take the next quest it will give the paulina set. I am not sure 100% though , so if no-one replies till i search it i will requote >>^.^<<
  4. Since Salvation update while comleting a faction quest npc has 2 option. The one of those ask to give also "Faction Token" . My question is from WHERE we get those "Faction Tokens"?
  5. Today we made the new quest "Best Choice" from "Herphah" npc and gave as reward PC Cafe Points . In previus update you informed ppl that is a "useless" item that we can not use etc, but you pop it up again . So my question is : Are they usefull ? Will it be option to use them ? or its just a "bad" useless copy from korean paches that can not be applied here ?
  6. @aelian What do you mean ? You know i love to help Also it took me 3 hours to find this out properly with tests etc (also i am a bit "psonio" )
  7. You are still able to buy with "personal reputation" chests from clan shop that gives daily coins. The only way to make "personal reputation" is to follow and do those new quests
  8. There are still daily quests ( a bit more complecated this time though) by clicking the clan section you need to find and click on clan "Clan Quest" there will pop up the windown of new "daily missions general missions" etc .
  9. As I found out today ONLY the members who have on their privileges the "Set Fuctions" on System Privilages , are able to put or reset clan skills ... The rest have the buttons activated but when they try to press ok they got the System Note "You do not have the authority to apply this Fuction" Hope this info is helpfull enough.
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