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  1. 1 - Nova zerged Chronos, MS quit fighting, even Zureil pt moved for a while to Core. Nova players started to quit due to boredom. 2 - Merge happened. Luckily for MS, Zaken players leaned more to MS side than Nova's. 3 - MS leftovers + Truffle's Troupe made MS climb to the top. Fight was fair and good, but MS still couldn't cast Aden due to game mechanics and stuff. 4 - MS started to Mass Recruit even people from others servers to fight Nova leading them to finally cast Aden. 5 - MS zerged Chronos, Nova people started to quit game and Nova finally quit fighting. 6 - Now
  2. @Hime Can we have red Libra too? it's been a while since we had it.
  3. I mean it's quite not efficient, but some1 can pvp using even a maestro.... and about ur videos, most of ur fights were against newbs. RSR is terrible and now that he hasn't martins gear, he is even worse. Netflix guys = meh... 6 min pvp when a feoh with the same gear could've killed them all in less than 30s. How about some real pvps like sieges or 7v7? You can be part of XXVII's 7x7 with nova next time and show us what a summoner can do.
  4. Macros aren't supposed to be used as bots... the info was there. dont afk macro anymore, if u don't know how to properly do it. Lesson learned... move on...
  5. Cat summoner imo is the best for olys. Summoners are not worthy nowadays. If u have good gear u can solo instances and run macro with crappy gear, but field xp with aoe parties is the best way to level up and have some fun. So, Better play feoh, archer, ISS, healer which can also be used for pvp purposes.
  6. Summoner pvp is something that doesn't exist, you can create a summoner for olys and that is it. For PVE, the best one is Elemental Master.
  7. You are even dumber if you think that the summons's damage is the only think we care about. Go back to your macros in blazing swamp. Trash player!
  8. M.atack isn't good for pve.... Don't be stupid if u're clueless about it. And if some1 wants to go oly setup, an option is boosting ur marks dmg, but u definitely won't waste a SA with P.atack for such purposes. So... this guy's advice is horrible!!!!
  9. Chronos got a lot of clans (level 11) with undergeared ppl, even clans owning castles. No idea about freya and naia. So for me, there is no need of more useless clans. I agree with what Ncsoft have done.
  10. Macros aren't intended to be used as bots... Games are supposed to be played... And this isn't a exploit, it's a game feature Hahahaha
  11. IMO, they've done that so people stop creating new clans with 0 impact on game and join clans that are there for years.
  12. I feel sad about L2 Community nowadays... people don't even read anymore... just a bunch of randoms that RMT to obtain their items and think they actually do know something.
  13. I already stated what might be taking place here... Why dont u run a k95 and provide us a picture of ur xp earned, passive skills, items, buffs, level difference between characters... we won't be able to tell you exactly what's going on with ur vague description.
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