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  1. Low grade scrolls! 5% mega super success!!!
  2. 14th anniversary... what a celebration! 300% vp bonus! where u need to waste real money to enjoy it,,, open 500 seeds and get NOTHING, good job ncwest we are proud of you! I can't wait for the 15th anniversary!!!!!!!!!
  3. You are the noob here, yul & feoh are not the best class to kill eviscerator bcs evis is OP against long range atack thanks to his "Spallation" skill who make him invulnerable to any debuff/long range atack skill meanwhile his steel mind is on reuse lol, only other evis or othell can fu/ck other eviscerator with not so much problems, and this game is full of noobs who only play class of the moment like now almost all playing feoh or yul class. But you are just a random Kavatary owned by any random who play this game, we can not expect much more from you
  4. Fun part is max got one eviscerator with dragon fist (JohnCena) but he is a useless char like all max members, duno if he sold the fist or what is he doing atm, long time no see him anyway dragon weapon + handless char still a fail... just check VnCarpet TROLOLOLOL
  5. Yes, naia + freya till new server died then last merge only 1 server till server close, l2 giving last breaths...
  6. Merge or no u will stay in un corner of giants cave, if merge maybe u lose it
  7. At least try learn basic things like dont hit tanks and waste mp during final ultimate defense xDD you are just items and 0 brain... target on you did the job? u was 100% useless in that fight, doble celestial save ur ass, Pr-incess and musicgr do all the job...keep posting this crap videos where u show how useless u are.. good luck.
  8. Is fun because in the first part of the video you lose warrior harmony lv2 at start the fight, very smart for ur part the order when u give buffs to urself! & u kill 0 players lol, MusicGR do the job, and second part showing how u killing a tank in oly? what kind of video or what are u trying to show? u are drunkvekio? next join max?
  9. Orion


    Stop waste ur time in forum and go giant's cave to kill mobs random you even get owned by randoms undergeareds in Freya ROFL
  10. Congrats Noba for iterrupt casting for 2 hours,!!! is all you can do, the "great noba clan" of Chronos server!!! WOW
  11. For 5 minutes, increases the selected party member's Physical/ Magic/ Skill Critical Rate and Power by 25%. Consumes 5 Spirit Ore. Work for all classes, warrior or wizard ones, skill and normal (f1 damage) physical/critical atack too
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