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  1. What a ridiculous and great way to lose money. Aden and Gludio are already dead servers, to Giran I give 1 month and to Talking Island 2 months, what a waste. 14 years of trash and never ever work for this staff. Now I am completely sure that the best option is to leave. See you Idiots, good luck with your bots to lose money.
  2. NcWest only bought the brand and the rights to use the NcSoft logo, it's just a greedy company that knows absolutely nothing about players, let alone mmorg despite the time. NcSoft, the developer of the game understood that selling your games to stupid companies like this one is not profitable, thanks to that Blade and soul was the last title for Ncwest. You can see the latest great success of NCsoft with Guild Wars 1 & 2 where the key to success, after developing a great content was to partner with a dedicated company with staff that really does its job. A GMshop that is updat
  3. 1 1/2 months to have the servers killed, nor the servers of studends of informatica last to little.
  4. guys... the staff never will ban some bots, they are the bots. U not know it? ban buts is really simple, they arenot interezed in real players.
  5. in 2004 no bot and all rates drop/spoil/adena rate x1. here mobs lv 60 drop same adena a mob lv 20.... this server dont have nathen NATHEN like a L2 2004.
  6. and again the staff of ncwest spits them in the face of their players. Instead of fixing the drop, apologizing, and lengthening the time of VIP .... they prefer to keep stealing by saying "50% more chance drop" ... and "fix" only some unimportant spots .... they say that the chance will multiply x 2, but in reality it is 0.25 .... that is, it will be 0.5. That disgust of staff, how they lose players and how they lose money in an exponential manner. In 2 days, the current non-bugged spots, and the new ones will be infested with bots, as usual, to give money to the websites, which everyone
  7. only I knew about 60 people who left the server exactly for that reason
  8. woo i forget it!! good question i want know it too
  9. Yep, i am using other OFFICIAL server x 1, NCwest dont have drop calc. but...both are x1 and both are official and both are Lineage 2 classic. You need read more info man, this server have a lot of bugs, not just drop and spoil..... exp in some monster in Dragon Valley too. and that I have not mentioned that much more than half of the players in each spot are bots. Some monster lv 40 can do "lethal strike", has fortres building that are not active but even so, you prefer to be angry and throw balls at the admins for their bad and pathetic work ... I do not care
  10. If you believe, you have to kill 20 mobs to get 1 Iron ore when the spoil rate is 1 - 8 to 80% .... Please finish school, and then you can give a better opinion on the internet forums without looking silly, So they will not take advantage of you.
  11. The Lineage 2, live or classic, is a very good game and really fun. It happens that the administration of NcWest thinks that it is dealing with children of 12 years, and they commit suicide alone betting to that machines they are going to bring more money to them than the real people that look for diversion. I think at some time, L2 had more population of players than the same world of warcraf, and in Asia (China, Korea) it is still a very populated game. NcSof, he learned a lot and although they are not in the 1st place, he has several games in the top, see his resounding success wi
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