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  1. What are the required specs to one hit white mobs?
  2. This maintenance made it worse for me. Before it was doable, but now my skillbar automacros only work half, causing my Iss to not cast certain skills. My Yul has died multiple times in Phantasmal Ridge doing single target mobs. Before it was solo'ing for 24/7 for days without problems. I've already canceled my first and last Prestige pack.
  3. I hope they got some monitoring on the game servers, in case stuff like this happens during the weekend.
  4. @Harambear98 I’d recommend leveling an Iss Hierophant as well for free buffs in the case you want to solo with your healer and tyrr. Starting from the 3rd exalted quest you can no longer go to BS for the quest. My experience at Desert Quarry, Beleth and Phanstasmal is that when joining random parties for afk farming, I always wake up dead in the morning. I’ve been rocking a selfmade CP for over a week now at Phantasmal for EXP and Exalted quest without any deaths or disconnects.
  5. With the current EXP event going on, I've leveled a healer to 105 in 4 days at Phantasmal Ridge. The free 7 day vit rune, given to each new awakened char, obviously helps a lot. One downside is, it still hasn't finished the 1st exalted quest yet, since my party doesn't kill the mobs fast enough. If I had stayed in BS it should have finished the 2nd exalted by now, or near completion.
  6. Hi, I've setup my archer macro to include the Flash skill, so during AOE long range mobs stop hitting me when my archer is focused on killing nearby mobs. However, at the same time, my Iss (which is in party), has a macro setup to target my archer and cast PoM. Flash seems to cause my Iss to lose its target, often leading to PoM being cast on my Iss instead of my archer. Not sure if this is a bug, but seems to me the effect should be excluded for members of the same party.
  7. You’re basically stuck in Blazing Swamp/War-torn plains until 105. I like BS as it’s the safest bet if you ask me until 105. Leave it afk farming for about 5-7 days in a party and you’ll reach 105 easily. Also, do the daily quests in Aden and coal mines every day.
  8. Based on my calculations, and taking the highest costs of the required items, I came to the conclusion it takes about 15b to upgrade to enchanted, and about 35b to upgrade to bloody. Is this in line with what everyone has spent on these upgrades?
  9. Hi, Afaik, these values are nowhere to be found in the UI. The question is why?
  10. Hello, According to the UI, weapon enchantments will be retained when upgrading a regular weapon (R99/R110) to Enhanced. Does this also retain the applied SA effects? What about Enchanced -> Bloody? Does it retain the enchantment and SA effects?
  11. Could you please elaborate why DNs are one of the worst PVE classes? I saw an Evi absolutely destroy mobs at Wartorn Plains, while my DN took a while to kill a single mob, so I can understand they’re not the greatest of DDs. Also, M.Def wise my DN is kinda weak and could not tank multiple mobs at the same time in Wartorn Plains
  12. @Degus With +8 regular R99 you mean not Enchanted/Blessed/Bloody/Dark/etc right? Edit: @Slycutter is talking about R99 Bloody Armor. Also, what enchant on a R110 bow would you recommend? I'm no way near 108 (105 Yul currently), but this game seems to change so often I can't keep up (not playing that much).
  13. Thanks for the detailed information. Much appreciated! I hit lvl 105 yesterday, and doing the 3rd exalted quest. With the current gear (exalted 1st and 2nd) I have, which areas would you recommend for solo exp/farming? I'll try some spots after the server is back up. I'll probably try the areas described in the quest description, but not sure if there are others where I could, as an archer, exp easier/more efficient.
  14. Thanks! I decided to reroll the char to main Yul, much better now, currently lvl 104 :). I don't really plan to play Oly. Mainly here for the PVE. Could someone point me in the right direction with regards to the jewels to get, and the progression from basic jewels to higher end ones? I know I have to put focus on P.Skill Crit Damage/Rate when playing a Yul, but some descriptions of boss jewels are kinda confusing to me. For instance: Ring of Creation mentions: P.Atk/M. Skill Critical Damage +15%. Is this actual P.Atk Crit Dmg or P.Atk Skill Crit Dmg? Same description is on the Baium
  15. Thanks for the explanation. I actually received light exalted armor and the bow when I finished the 1st exalted quest. I was afraid I’d get the mage gear but it worked in my favor. As for the +5 circlet, somehow I already have one but it’s for mages. Is there a way to exchange that one for the fighter one?
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