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  1. Nothing to fix here. Its supply demand principle. Event changes prices a bit for top weapons. Now mats and crystal D prices increases. At first could get D cry for like 300a prime sells for 420a coast. as mats like varnish and leather prices increases. cheapest D cry are over 500a.... few days ago I couldn't find selling varnish in any town below 500a. that means increase of demand. that effect crystal prices. Increased drop spoil my decrease a bit.
  2. Higher lvl -> Higher lvl support -> Free spots (low competition) -> Free farm adena / items Higher lvl mobs -> better drops -> better gear for Epics create twinks with high lvl support its much easier to farm / protect them. top parties on TI now are ~56 with C grade. So I don't know why someone think they are under geared.
  3. 1) Try find party in party matching, don't use shoots 2) Create box character buffer / recharger. dualbox exp is +60% so you lose only 40% for more benefits...
  4. It looks like those who complain about adena drop, are not used to play with not shining enchanted weapons... Look RU, EU classic server where adena is higher its becoming star wars. over enchanted gear comes into play. I am for the play with unchanged gear and with wise use for SS
  5. So you mean game should be Subscription based, or you have other model how server should earn?
  6. You have your opinion about 10% I have mine. And who is right?
  7. It's known issue even in patch notes the death penalty was 4%. Its up to administration to fix either. But as long as same rule applies for everyone I don't escalate it as game braking.
  8. Known server issues: 1) AFK players that takes game slots, fishing, reward event 30min logging in, reward for Big monster spawns chest 10min, fake afk shops (don't know what could be done with that one). 2) Exp/SP in some areas like plains of dion, Immortal Plateau, Southern Region 3) Adena. Adena drop is OK, it should be hardcore, SS meant to be used only for PVP, and as I remember GK 1.5 from streams even 55+ in Enchanted valley archer were killing without using SS. The min problem is Quest reward for quest sweeties venom, should be 1k is 3.2k. Dwarf quest Covert Business shou
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