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  1. If we don't get a Classic server, I vote for this one. GoD with no instances and an emphasis on open world hunting and pvp for raid bosses. Sign me up!
  2. @Conguero and his team have been putting a lot effort in to release a new anti-cheat tool. I think it's pretty obvious this is to prepare for a new project of some kind. I'm hoping for L2 Classic, but L2 Arena or L2 Bloody could be interesting as well. I doubt they'd launch a new GoD server, seeing how the last one died instantly.
  3. From one of the bigger clans on Skelth. They asked me to post this here on their behalf.
  4. We've actually had many in depth conversations on the official lineage 2 community discord about that, I suggest you all join. We think NA Classic both a F2P+Cash Shop Model and a Subscription based model would work. Classic is designed by Korean developers to have a cash shop implemented, very similar to how GoD; certain resources are scare and supplemented by the cash shop. So a cash shop with SP Scrolls, BREZ, Exp Runes, PvE Buff Scrolls would be very lucrative for NCsoft and also lightened the hard-core burden for the average NA player's playstyle.
  5. Hi everyone, Has @Congueroor @Juji made any more progress on launching an Lineage 2 Classic server? https://reddit.com/r/Lineage2 There's been a lot of drama recently on Skelth resulting in players asking for NCsoft to provide an NA classic server. We'd love to hear an update from NCWest on any progress made towards the launch of the classic server. This forum isn't reflective of the full Lineage 2 community because only those logging into Chronos or Naia can even post here but there are thousands of gamers hoping Classic comes out. I think it would be a good idea
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