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  1. dance and assist attack

    hi guy is there any way to dance and assit attack party member? somethings like Live server ISS can use buff automaticaly and then set a macro for assist attack in party thanks for reading
  2. Hi i set the macros like.. /nexttarget /attack and it target all the mob around and around turn by turn and i accident lure a huge amount of mob then die ;(( it not wait untill i kill that mob then change to the next one. like the auto hunting .help plz ;((
  3. i set to 800x600 and boom !! chat,skill,map all so big how to reduce them all ? somethings like UI scale in blade&soul?
  4. Hi guys! please show me what mats is good at giran market for lvl40 spoil? and after lvl40 like 45-50-55 whats next to spoil?? i checked giran market and see no one buy mats anymore ;(( ....
  5. Overlord AOE

    Hello guys! i quit L2 since they added catacom and Necropolis, that time as i remember OL lure huge amount of mob then mass root, sleep, then place bunch of curse on mobs ,i stand watching their HP drop like a waterfall then boom all dead .... somethings like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLPu6vroL9g the question is it still working or somethings get nerf or fixed?
  6. Bots occupied all farming spot and zone ...they're everywhere there is one things in common they all light elf with pony. 1 they not pick up the drop so it cause server laggy off 2 no place for real player farming 3 their manner is OFF 4 after all they just player like us so i bet NC still try to figure out somethings to handle this PS : this situation proved that elemental summoner RULE !!! (why not other class?) , think we need a live GM patrol around and PK all these pony
  7. Hi guys i got an archer and nuker same level ,same gears they did the same damage at the same mob but its weird when i carft soulshot it cost only 2 cryR and 80 soulstone, but for blessed spiritshot it cost me 2cryR and 525 Spirit Ore if compare the cost the blessed spiritshot cost 6 times as soulshot but they did same damage ... i can say archer do a little better than my nuker...somethings wrong wrong here ?
  8. Where did the quests go?

    im a bit confuse why ppls call "Bot" .we are all using auto hunting now...auto loop macro . so how to know which is bot and player???
  9. Put S/S80-grade items for sale in NPCs

    agree ...game seem start at lvl85 with paulina and lvl100 with exalted all free gear, so put all S gear on NPC, and sell like 1m each

    Hello guys! im return player, i got some immortal equip and seem its hard to sell on auction...no one buy it.so crystallization or something i can do with it? thanks for reading
  11. Return to game

    please allow me to post in your topic, bust just dont wana start a new topic for an old question. Hi guys as a return player , can u guys tell me best damage dealer (DD) or best damage per second (dps) now aday (pve) . Dagger or nuker or archer? i saw some topic said titan are OP for pve ? thanks guys
  12. lvl102 Beleth magic circle

    thanks alots for fast reply.. So lvl100 and 1st and 2nd exalted are just free trial . the real game start at BMC .
  13. Hello guys. i finish 2nd exalted and got some good stuff from that Lionel Hunter, i do enchanted my exalted weapon ( bow) and equip all lvl3 gems. The question is i can't survive there ( Beleth's Magic Circle) BMC for 3rd Exalted , me and my ISS take age to kill a single mob and it almost kill me sometimes ...it cant be my Ability trees. did i miss somethings ?. so i create 4 more DPS 2 nuker and 2 bow they all lvl102 and start 3rd exalted quest with my archer and ISS , this time i barely kill them faster and safer but still too much dangerous to use auto hunt,go get some drink and here u go ....fews was killed please Help PS sry for my bad english hope u guys understand what im typing here
  14. Hey i remembered u . IS leader u recruited me after PK me at sel mahum 3 years ago . u flag someone and got hit by my warlord stun so u PK me too How are u? how u guys IS doing? i quit for years since my dad got a stroke Thanks for reading and answer i plans on 6 account, 3 per PC so need to build 1 more PC
  15. title say it all , advise me for cpu for multip boxes (3 clients ofc) so should i get "4 core with 4.0GHz" or "6 core with 3.0 GHz"..which one better for multip boxes Thanks for reading and help