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  1. 1 computer = 1 account

    Nobody aint you to play SOLO at 6k multiplayer online RPG, where supports are offering party. Just open party finder.
  2. Limit Box

    ehm. ok.
  3. Limit Box

    So, you haven't experieced with youtube, have you? Try to search a little bit. And yes, many players are playing main support. You just ignore them.
  4. Limit Box

    Great idea. Also vote for 1 main box. Since I am VIP I have no problem with queue, but making box buffers on overpopulated server makes no idea for me. Why you shall have AFK box buffer in party when you can have active one playing it's class proper way? Win-to-Win solution. Let people play their classes and make game more dynamic instead of those bot-box-afk parties. At least since there would be less people and no queue. For private store use trade chat.
  5. Help me, brave people of Giran!

    Yes, you will. So many ppl there, just open party matchfinding and find some fellaz. Add them to firendlist if they active and after 40 you should know the clan you are going to I ma bishop too btw. PLAY THE CLASS YOU ENJOY! (but I found other problem: there are so many future bishops in game makes me sick :D)