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  1. Experiment - CT drops

    There is no database for NA on purpose. Also, no company in any game is obliged to divulge their rates at all. Databases are made by the community, Server is barely 1 month old and people not only expect a database to be already made, but also set in stone. Numbers will change as NCsoft see fit. People got spoiled by all this information, remember the time there was no wiki, wikia, gamepedia and any other websites of the kind. Until the server matures (age) the rates will be subject to change. Until the rates are set in stone, the rate value itself, will not be divulged. There is no way to make a database before it happens. Only then we would be able to have decent info, that would take into account: "Classic" KR Default values x Rate Multiplier(Value Chosen x F2P Model Multiplier[penalty]) If any person is interested in documenting and archiving the changes on such a new server, go ahead, start making a database. Call someone from staff to start some dialogue to make it our official database. Just be aware that values will change. Databases, wikias, gamepedias, they are all made and maintained by volunteers, if you like that sort of thing and want to engage on it, go ahead, i commend the effort. Now a special little place only for those who cannot have a reasonable conversation: If you don't like what is going on get rich, open your own company, get a team you trust, make you own game, the way you want, i hope its a success and you get even richer. Or just go play something else.
  2. The solution is for the company as a whole stop hoarding money and employ a team paid moderators (volunteer moderators is just modern slavery. aka amouranth), both in game and on the forums, so we can finally have an active team banning any irregular "players" and locking & deleting unproductive threads (because locking and archiving does nothing thanks to google index).
  3. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Can open a bazzilion servers, where is the free server change ? If the opening of a new server does not justify a one time free server change, nothing does.
  4. Spoil-Now & Shold Be.

    Since when this tread stopped being about spoil and became about Innova? @Lurswena There is no database for NA yet, which is the whole point, without a place to compare, the rates can be whatever "They" want.
  5. Teleport prices.

    If the Gatekeeper was paid as it is supposed to be from the start, people would not be bitching about it right now. GK isnt the problem. The game have default values for every thing, changing rates is supposed to just add a multiplier on top of said default values. (1x, 1.5x, 1.987x, etc) "updating" rates to 1~20 while the rates of 40+ remains the same is an aberration. Game is 14 years old, how hard it is to copy everything from korea and translate it ? How hard is to copy the "classic" version already established and translate it ? "we needed to adjust rates to compensate for the free to play format" Fine! Like i said you just change one number to be applied on top of the default rates. (0.5x for example) Instead someone made up some sort of frankenstein and launched as NA server I truly believe classic NA only have a handful of people employed and any updates made via TeamViewer from korea. Ppl need to stop bitching about irrelevant things and demand that the server runs the way it is supposed to. Who took the Library out anyway? Keeping players in the dark without a database to compare the current NA values on purpose. (Before anyone says anything l2.wiki is for the EU server, any data there should be taken with a grain of salt, NA is not obligated to mirror data from a database that clearly says its for EU only.)
  6. Question about Halloween Suit (Permanent)

    For what i remember, any costume is equipped in the chest piece slot, works as a full chest piece (Taking the pants slot), therefore disabling set effect from armor since you cant use the chest together with the costume. You can grind with it if you want. If you are a summoner or other class that depend less on armor for example.
  7. Disband of a Clan

  8. I guess with the majority of the repliers theme, they are already numbed enough to not care properly. So i guess you guys could band up open a company launch your on game and live happily ever after with your server infested with bots. "The house is on fire but my favorite TV show is on" Am i right?
  9. Nothing much to say on top of the title, Langk Lizardmen Dwellings is infested with female elven wizards and their recharge ponies feeding the third party sellers war machine. @Juji
  10. The problem is not leveling fast, people are leveling "fast" because this client version allow it to happen. People arent complaining that adena is a problem because they are leveling fast, they are complaining because you get the same adena drop as level 25.
  11. Spoil rates test

    There is nothing mentioning spoils being affected by vip. l2wiki have a quite big warning that it only reflect the EU version of the game that is licensed to another publisher. Untill someone make a wiki for NA server, none of the info in the EU wiki are relevant.
  12. omg STOP making stupid event

    This thread started as a rant with nothing constructive being said as an option of the supposed "issue". If any moderator ever read this tread, please close it. Righ now is just a waste of data storage.
  13. Level 10 restriction on whisper chat is a joke. A few hours in and the bots are already level 10. Should change whisper from level 10 to first class transfer. Or add an option to receive whisper from friends only.
  14. Adena Sellers & Chat Channels

    From the launch notes: "There are many restrictions in place to prevent abuse of the BOT Report button (please use wisely): Cannot report characters in peace zones or siege battlegrounds. " With the recent bot report use, many people got affected by a small ammount of salty players, but funny enough, the spam bots never were affected by it because they infest peace zones. Infestation that take away server capacity and make queues longer. The penalty should be kicking instead of a debuff, a spam bot whit a debuff continues spamming. And with repeated offense, ban by ip.
  15. I trust no one, but i do agree to leave the only employees who care to reply to the forums to do their work instead of making @. every minute. The critical issue is the one preventing players to login into the game, the rest will fall in place sooner or later, for good or worse. If people don't like here, they are free to leave, there are plenty of options elsewhere, if someone don't like anything, they are free to put their time and hard work into making their own server and showing the world that they are actually right. I was waiting for this opportunity to play since God of Destruction got released. Besides the login issue, all i want to do is enjoy the opportunity to be back.