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  1. Level 25 Moon Armor Sets - "Which do I choose?"

    I tend to target white mobs instead of green. Personally, I don't like spamming life drain. I rarely use it and would rather use my curses to their full out extent and duration before Over-Hit. My choice of Light Armor was probably shortsighted also, but to each his own.
  2. Level 25 Moon Armor Sets - "Which do I choose?"

    These kinds of decisions are always so brutal because you only get to choose once and then you're stuck with it. I chose the Light Armor Set. Here's what I came to a conclusion concerning Heavy Armor's usefulness to you: A) You have a good weapon that can make up for your decreased MP, MP regen, and Casting Speed. You'll be using soul strike instead of stacking 2 debuffs on a solo/duo pull. Instead, you'll probably use just one and melee bash the rest. B) Enchant your armor to give you more casting ability, C) Have some other alternative source of regeneration. Heavy Armor seems niche, but depending upon your playstyle or if you train mobs for parties it does have its usefulness because it allows you to sustain damage while casting or to function as a soak for more squishy targets. I did notice a marked improvement in my defense against Abandoned Camp enemies, flinching off a lot more damage that would have otherwise been mortal blows simply wearing Light Armor. With Light Armor, I never seem to be able to regenerate more than half my MP, but you can just find cheap robes, staff to swap out on such an occasion requiring rapid regen. There is a huge difference in the amount of punishment I can withstand and due to my playstyle tend to get myself into jams, which has prevented in my case, death. It's more useful in duo or solo setup, but you'll never replace a specialist by becoming more generalist. You will survive more critical strikes to the face though. I think what ultimately cemented my choice on Light Armor was that my weapon was the novice sword (no staff, 2H, or improved blunt weapon), but didn't want to lose full casting ability because I rely a bit too heavily on my spells at this time to solo or play according to my preferred style. I could only afford the cheap blunt in the NPC store to Over-Hit after my spells have weakened them considerably. TL;DR You need a solid heavy hitting weapon if you're going to run heavy armor I intuit. I think this playstyle can be rewarding but was unable to commit to it with the resources I had at my disposal. I still have enough MP regen to cast the spells required of me in the party while wearing Light Armor as a nuker, but buffing on top of that is a challenge. I can soak damage better which is helpful in its own right. Robes save you lots of adena on outfitting yourself because of innate passives that accommodate it. Thanks for all the responses on this thread so far as it has helped me refine my gameplay.
  3. Level 25 Moon Armor Sets - "Which do I choose?"

    Thank You. It would seem that if I'm playing with a Majority of Fighters then Light Armor seems to be a happy medium. Heavy Armor does seem more for soloing now that you mention it. Does wearing Light Armor give you the increased Mana Regeneration of 20%? It reads oddly to me. Also, does wearing it affect your castspeed by -10%?
  4. I'm at the point of progression where my next choice will change my approach and playstyle to the game drastically. While the Robes seem useful for soloing (Mana Regeneration, Attack Speed, Spell Casting Speed) they seem less impactful in a party situation where you are the buffer between insane dps wizards and the aggression from the Tank. So following this line of reasoning, "What works best in group play," I'm left with the choice of Light Armor or Heavy Armor. Light Armor Mastery When equipped with light armor, increases P. Def. by 12.6, Casting Spd. by 90%, Atk. Spd. by 25%, and MP Recovery Bonus by 20%. Heavy Armor Mastery When equipped with heavy armor, increases P. Def. by 11.6, Casting Spd. by 71%, and Atk. Spd. by 25%.