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  1. Fish system

    I really don't understand. How to get tradable fishes ? Why is that so difficult to get informations ? You do a lot of changes, and throw them on the ground just like "here you go, if you got any trouble, figure it out yourself".
  2. Lineage II with LTE

    Thanks for your awnser guys. So i'll open a ticket to ask them directly. It was just, I remember a time on Live, changing IP adress many times was banished, cuz of "power leveling sellers"
  3. Hi there,Today I had to move for work. So I must play on laptop with LTE (no other choice, I don't have access on any wifi connection), but after 3 connections, Lineage II launcher asked me three times for security code. I thing it's because LTE data change IP sometimes, and my question is, do I risk to get banned if I continue to connect my characters with other IP adresses?
  4. Is Vip worth it?

    I agree with you Medeoan, but I took VIP. Lineage II is, imo, a wonderful game. 14 years after the firts release, we're still here like "OH GOSH, THEY JUST MADE A "OLD LINEAGE II LIKE". Ofc, NcSoft is a bad company, people are winners, but despite of those problems, there is something in Lineage I never found in other MMO, Aion, BDO, Ragnarok, Tree of Savior and all. Just for this reason, I took VIP and enjoy the game as I can.
  5. How to play in MAC?

    Imo best way to play on mac is using VMWare, it allow you to create a virtual machine but using power of graphic card, memory of it and 3D acceleration. You can manage amount of ram you want, how many core used for this... After, depend of your setup, without SSD, 4go and 3 cores allowed to VM it will be laggy af.