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  1. hello and sorry coz you are so dump im a main spoiler and you set all the mats keys to 0 adena, if you do that ,then also delete the dawrf class also no needed anymore this updade was the worst work i have ever see if you are not raedy dont relece it what the hurry
  2. ok i know the pk is part of the game but at least have a desent combat system. give me one good reazon to able to tp insta from battle stance and why after so long noone like to fix this. remain the (bot) pk chars and make imposible for players to play (anyway why even to tell from the time you know noone cares) btw the are so many better games that is fun to play whake up wile its time see ya!!!!


    does anyone knows what is the agathion mr.lucky and why it cost 50k silver coins,i mead for that price it must be somthing good??????
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