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  1. na. I'm having the same problem
  2. Something to have in mind

    I don't know what problem you guys have, in finding other people? I started a clan yesterday, and in around 10 minutes, the clan was full, and we are already very active. Going to the hunt together, lvling together. Had no experience of "alone on a server". Maaaybe... you are very picky in finding new people to play with?
  3. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    Yeah i am not quite sure the spoil-rates are correct. Spoiling with someone else together for over one hour, trying to get Recipe: Leather, from a mob with 17% spoil-chance ... doesn't seem right that i only got one. But as it said: known issue, working on it - perfect!
  4. Is Aden an actual good server for english speakers?

    I was on Giran, but Giran is always extremly full. Aden in the other hand seems to be empty enough to enjoy the game Didn't have many problems with the non-english-speaking community. I think it was even worse on Giran (Mostly because there might by x5 more people on it :P) Dwarf rulez! <3