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  1. Ask for refunds everyone.They dont even care.
  2. Chronicle pack

    New accounts can purchase it now but old accounts can because the system reads the we already have it.Ask for refunds and leave the server they dont care.6 days now trying and still shitty responses on tickets and nothing changes.
  3. Classic Launch Packs -- Extend Deadline

    They have to add it as a one time purchasable item in l2 store in game.But they wont as i can guess.And ofcourse NOT for limited time.People who pay for something must have the same service as other that paid the same amount even 1 year after the launch.
  4. Still nothing about the chronicle pack purchase bug which will make you lose money.
  5. We can't buy the launch pack

    If this is just a marketing trick im out rly now....
  6. We can't buy the launch pack

    Today is the ending date ask all for refund im pretty sure they are doing it on purpose.Am already 3 days trying and ticket is up for over 60 hours getting silly answers from gms and ncsoft staff.Dont spend a signle coin on the 7 day 50% pack or scrolls!!!!
  7. We can't buy the launch pack

    They know it already we are just waiting for the fix update...
  8. BUGS | SHIELD AND POTION |since the first day

    shields never increase p def as a stat.when u succeed shield defence on a hit only.
  9. Chronicle pack

  10. Lost my NCoins

    I cant get my pack either but it is still showing me the Ncoins.Fix it before the 16th guys or we gonna need a refund.It is already about 6-7 hours im waiting only for the purchase of the pack.