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  1. 5$ for 4months (80NC Coins for VIP1)
  2. So warriors are rarely taken to AoE groups, I found that using a pole and doing my own pulls with my box (to be prophet) was the best exp for me. Fighter groups as you level are also quite nice in places such as FT & Ant's Nest.. As for your weapons, upgrading your fighter is the best as the difference in heals doesn't makeup the loss of DPS. Going for a good NG is a good option as long as the price doesn't depreciate too much, which I doubt it doing. If you plan on boxing to level and not join groups go for a Polearm and grind places like AC,OB.Partisans, if you plan on joining
  3. https://twitch.tv/ItsFergLad
  4. 2H Blunt will be your best bet for DPS & Stun, it's also great into C Grade, continuing that Dualswords aren't really that great until B Grade unless you PvP a lot. 2h blunt is so strong in PvE
  5. Prophet won't help with your mana issues sadly, but once you have a pole you mostly auto attack and try to overhit with wild sweep.
  6. Np (: Gotta help the Gladiators out, there's only a few of us For single target DPS a 2h blunt is absolutely insane and once you hit 40+ AoEing will be extremely challenging with Moon Armour especially on 2-5x HP Mobs
  7. I box a Cleric (To be Prophet) with my warrior (25) to be Gladiator also. The advice as shown above is great, and you should level using a pole as to be frank everything else is inefficient, as I found out trying to level myself. Personally I made money, bought top NG Pole, then moved onto Mid D Grade Pole as the soulshots cost the pretty much the same. Dualswords aren't something you'll want until you've became a gladiator and they are mostly great in PvP situations but a 2h blunt is probably better whilst leveling for the Stun and the survive ability and DPS it gives you
  8. I've always went with Heavy on Dwarfs, you won't kill things fast meaning you'll be taking more damage. As for D Grade go with Heavy Moon or Brig if you can get it.
  9. Hey, thanks for the information, we truly understand your commitments out of the game. We do have a small format to fill out on discord (:
  10. Our new thread is; https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6310-death-giran-recruiting/ We currently have 4 Players with 8 characters total in the Clan, we have one more coming once he can login (I will be leaving on my alt) I Also plan on purchasing Level 2 within the next few days for us. So I do believe we have the space for you guys. (:
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