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  1. Glad to see you guys actively trying to help with the current issues. Keep it coming (:
  2. Hopefully they remove AFK Fishing and upgrade servers so everyone can play not those who have the patience to wait 12 hours or whom have VIP. ¬ I myself have VIP so I don't really get queues but I can fully understand the stress of those who cannot play.
  3. Cash Shop Update

    Lmao... Quality Joker
  4. Ahhh, what we've all been waiting for Thanks!
  5. One Thing I Don't Understand?(Queue)

    Oh, yeah, without a doubt... I'm guilty of having a buffing alt account myself, as are most of the players I joined with.
  6. One Thing I Don't Understand?(Queue)

    Multiboxing has always been a thing in L2, I can only imagine the outrage if they were to disable it even if only temporary.
  7. Customer still closing?

    Yeah, I can log onto my main account fine (VIP3), however when I try to make a character on a second account I got client closing within seconds of going to create a character. It should be fixed within a few days (At least that's what we all hope).
  8. can i buy launch pack?

    You can claim it on any character on your account, but the perks are only on that character. However, I do believe VIP is account bound.
  9. Question about VIP

    No, you should get an item from the dimensional merchant that boosts your VIP Level.