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  1. Congratulations to the involved in this server, the problem of the queue still continues and no GM takes any action !! Server is losing several
  2. This problem has never been solved, and never will be.
  3. The customer closure problem still continues !!!!!!!!
  4. The customer closure problem still continues !!!!!!!!
  5. @Hime When will this problem be solved ?? We need at least one deadline! Tell me as soon as possible
  6. It's very difficult for them to do this, they have to fix this queue problem soon !! It's taking too long.
  7. What is the timeframe for fixing this problem? I hope it is fast, there are 4 days that I can not log in!
  8. Is it possible to pass NCoin from one account to another ??
  9. No Gm passes any information !!! We became clowns
  10. Worst of all is that after a while in the queue, it crashes !! It does not go down at all
  11. Yes, meanwhile we are wasting time on this server.
  12. True, but I only go back to play after they solve this, good luck the guys who will get 2k of players in line.
  13. LOL = League of Legend, the strangest thing is that no GM talks about it, no information is passed on whether or not it solves this problem.
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