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  1. Clan FearLess is recruiting English speaking players on the Talking Island server! We are all current or former players from beta to now. We are two clans FearLess and Incognito both clan level 2. While we do not require all members to be in a CP we do recommend you make one or join an existing one as it enables you advance in the game faster and makes things easier on the clan leadership for organization. We are looking to fill in some constant parties, make more and have individual players to fill in gaps in daily parties for PvE and PvP. Players of all classes are encouraged to apply; support characters are the most in demand. We have a discord server which we use for text/voice chatting. We have players from NA and EURO Regions. Majority being North American. Post here or send a private message if you are interested in chatting and we can give more information or arrange a chat on discord.