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  1. Bear with you for what? You are always late guys and everyone knows that players always give the solution to other players first...This topic is up for like 4-5 days and your team is still "work through them" ? You just realize today that players CANNOT PLAY THE GAME? You guys are good....we should give you a medal for noticing things that players complain for days and weeks...
  2. After 3 months you finally spotted? You guys are good,what happened did a friend of yours reach lvl 55 so you found out its hard to get?
  3. I don't know anyone who got killed on war....does that mean people don't die on war? don't think like a 5 years old...i know 2 people who got banned for nothing and then NC admited it was mistake and they took back their accounts after a lot of tickets and wasting time....you just a forum couch potato
  4. Totally agree with you...you didn't even read my question though...why is it advertized as the old good L2 if its not?
  5. If its something new why is it advertized as the old classic game we all loved???? Why does it even have the same NAME?
  6. Do you even see what you type? L2 was never like this
  7. Why dont you calculate how many hit a dwarf solo needs and how many ssc you waste to kill one mob? You give as example SPS one of the best solo players to farm...why dont you check the spoil rates above 40 lvl? 28 lvl mobs give 1-3 animal skin with 40% chance....Ive spoiled 200 mobs at 52 lvl and not even one droped item....
  8. You seriously ask for us ones again to do the job for you??? Players are here to play the game not find problems or solution....We just report the incident then its your job to learn more and fix it...There is a guy in Giran server that makes 2-3 weapon +15 EVERY WEEK...From what i know that's not normal....People are getting tired of reporting EVERYTHING that doesnt work properly on game so its easier to leave than just do the job for you...
  9. Yes...another factor is where you get the item from...If farming was the only source of spellbooks then the price would be affected by the lvl because higher lvl mobs drop books for higher lvl spells...I saw greater might sb for 500k while haste and dw cost 6m...same with enchant weapon....now you have ppl farming ewc from 40 lvl and spoilers need to kill 57 lvl mobs to get them...ewd on the other hand are not spoilable but only craftable or dropable from raids and that makes their price higher than ewc...Ive never seen such a thing in L2 server...at least thats not the L2 i learned back in t
  10. For all those saying rates and adena are fine and there is nothing to fix on the server...First of all the are tons of buggs and things NC hasn't even test yet after 2 months of launch (example: esc buggs in cruma tower 2 after the mob teleports you all the time) and yes these are things a company should look at from the very first moment,gaming companies always try their server before launching it...We didn't ask to increase all rates in the server at once.All we asked was some balance....Where is the balance when EWC cost 190k and EWD cost 280k? Where is the balance when lvl 40 spellbook cos
  11. We didnt ask for free adena or rates....all we asked was some balance....EWC 220K EWD 280 is this balance????? lvl 40 spellbook 6m lvl 62 spellbook 500k is this balance???? 35 lvl mobs 400 adena 52 lvl mobs 200 adena is this balance???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so stop defending NC Soft...Ive never seen an official server die so fast by NC softs hands and yes i play since beta....
  12. Ok....just remember my words in 1 year from now
  13. What do you mean by population? because not all active accounts are actual players...even if servers remain full in the future its gonna be like 70% bots 20% shops 9% adena sellers 1% actual players....Even if the servers are full the actuall players will be like 200 in the whole server having whatever they want and play together....
  14. You play since 2008...that means you have no idea what l2 is about...do you really think old players like events were anyone can win top d weapon?Obviously not...no such events existed back then at 2003-2008,not even novice quest and shit...there was only slow boring grind that would take days to provide you 1 lvl and will make you come closer to other people...thats what l2 is about...not staying afk for 4 hours with 3 accounts just to have a chance to win weapon...VIP has nothing to do with reward chance why you complain and call it unfair??? the box has x% chance to provide weapon d,that me
  15. Well yes but there is also a good chance to get 100 pvp on 1 char
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