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  1. come on guys, they dont care anymore of a compensation about cake like they dont care about the players anymore. thats the ugly truth.
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    thanks @Hime for let me know you only laugh in the face of the players.
  3. No Drops with a low level in party

    @Juji well that setting dont worth it because with a eminence bow im wasting 75 adena each shoot (75 adena in soulshots) and not getting a reward because my low lvl toons get the normal exp for theyr lvl soo is not a boost, just loosing adena in a server who mobs lvl 75+ dosent give you adena
  4. we need news about the event
  5. Classic Servers down, Info here pls

    the server is down