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  1. While there were so many DC-experiencing gamers problem, 2 hours ago they had 8 pages of Mentees without a Mentor. Assuming there are 12 Mentee per page, 96 Mentee without a Mentor. So why do these unnecessary characters exist? Is it to inflate the system database, to spy, to gain unfair gain, or because they just started the game and didn't really know the Mentor-Mentee system? Last week, the number of pages in this Mentee window was 14 pages at midnight (US time). My suggestion is to add the time to become a Mentee to the game. If a real player has not graduated within a certain time perio
  2. yes , I now read thanks guys ..... Everybody can see the little pixels, because of the game..... let the empty arguments so they can get things done. Remember that everyone is racing against time.....
  3. I love manner system... because I m now not be tief for other players select mobs...
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