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  1. Hello, a week ago that for several hours I am spoliando dire wyrm, in sea of spores, to get the rec bssc, not only I fell 60 rec of crafter leather and 6 of a weapon with the same possibility of rec bssc and never I fell the q I seek, not only fight with the thousands of boot q there in that spot, if not q after a week I did not get the rec searched. My question is what happens with the drop that they would have to drop? and the boot will continue to win ?, porq I saw how they threw many items that I never got even saw as they raised a weapon .... Are you going to fix that or will it continue like this? Otherwise pass some program to boot so I use it too: P Forgive my grammar, use the translator.
  2. To log this worse than it was before, 1 hour ago I'm trying and kick me before 20 -.-