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  1. problem with the set moon

    I think you can exchange it threw dimensional merchant to an other character of the same account, so make another 25lvl and pick the right one !!
  2. Hey Punish, im Svg 29lvl atm playing almost same hours like you after work and after kids go to bed if you interesting lets talk !! Pm me here !! Have fun !! Ps : im old Lionna player "good times"
  3. Server and Class

    Depends on what job he have, what time he play.. plus he is from greece like me !!
  4. Server and Class

    Come to aden matte !!
  5. Spoil Levels

    Im 21 lvl Scavenger anf also spoiling ruins of agony without problems, is low but in 20 min i have 50/50 spoils..