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  1. by the way I read it, and its like black desert or wow saying they have ten million users but not all are on the server at once lol. those games can only hold a few thousand ppl at once.
  2. Himm can you please stop with your nonsense? Are you up late drinking or something? You cant increase the server cap to 15k the game cant handle that. Do your research kiddo. Go to bed because you are spouting off B.S. posts and it's probably time to get some rest.
  3. im trying to come back to this shit show but man its a mess, at least NCSoft kept it like retail with all the programs and BS that make non classic so much fun lol
  4. sorry, get a new pc? I can log all 3 clients just fine.
  5. @Juji and @Hime I hate to say this but as someone that played MANY years on l2 retail what you describe is what L2 is and always has been about. Juji was there a long time ago and has zero power and is not to blame, but it this is L2 (classic or live). On the live servers it's the whales that keep the server running, on classic it will be the same, heck I know of one whale clan called Nova that is on the TI server under new names that will prop up the server for as long as they stay. I can tell you how classic will work. People will play, there will be a sub culture that will wait patient
  6. omg jesus christ can you all please speak proper English for a moment? This whole post is nonsense, NCSoft has never and will never do anything about bots. The whole OP is just a message form a bot site that is warning it's users to be careful when using the bot and running L2. Overall this whole thread is a bunch of broken English nonsense.
  7. Didn't you "quit" classic, or am I thinking of someone else?
  8. lol the game is fine relax. Also are you the same Grump that had the little mishap in FT tonight? Gotta watch that flagging to wake people up man. If that was you, thanks for the pvp though, sometimes I get a little "Demonic" ;
  9. Oh god are you back? I was enjoying my peaceful non-white knight time.
  10. Fair enough but it's there and i'm sure there are other ways to address the queue than to remove part of the game (yes even if it's a small part).
  11. That's an in game mechanic that is even facilitated by a free ten day pole awarded by a quest. I wish you all would get off the afk fishing kick.
  12. I don't pretend to know your situation, maybe you're disabled and can't get out of the house for some reason or maybe it's something else. If you are able bodied and of sound mind, do yourself a huge favor and get out of the house for a bit. You sound like you need a little time away from the internet before your head explodes.
  13. All you have to do is just tile your clients a little bit, it takes very little effort. But FatHips is right L2 has always just seemed like it was built to encourage boxing of buffers, im not going to sit here and try to outline in what ways but it just does.
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