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  1. 3 minutes ago, Himmelin said:

    they should enable max limit to 15000 players at last in weekends, my guildmatters spent money in vip too and had queue too, they just left, will return when many people quit, or when gms increase the players capacity, you can do the same if you want

    Himm can you please stop with your nonsense? Are you up late drinking or something? You cant increase the server cap to 15k the game cant handle that. Do your research kiddo. Go to bed because you are spouting off B.S. posts and it's probably time to get some rest.

  2. 13 hours ago, NostroSalvatore said:

    When they said L2Classic will be HARD CORE what they meant was "L2 Classic is Hard TO GET IN THE DOOR". 

    im trying to come back to this shit show but man its a mess, at least NCSoft kept it like retail with all the programs and BS that make non classic so much fun lol

  3. 16 hours ago, Reusito said:

    0 respect for players/customers.
    I know @Juji and @Hime are not the ones to blame,but people have to rant somewhere.
    This is UNNACEPTABLE,I wanna play on a weekend  having already bought VIP since practically release and I can't,cause queues for VIPs are 750+ and by the time I can play I would have gone to bed !
    Bots,fishing,adena sellers,afk events... Is this what L2 is all about? It's my first time playing on an official L2 server(apart from the stupidity GoD is) and if it wasn't cause I have friends I want to play with,I would have already quit. Not because game's hard,just because NCsoft shows 0 respect to their community.

    Is this the experience you want for your players?! How about taking some action?! 

    Prove your community,for once,you don't deserve to be burnt !

    @Juji and @Hime I hate to say this but as someone that played MANY years on l2 retail what you describe is what L2 is and always has been about. Juji was there a long time ago and has zero power and is not to blame, but it this is L2 (classic or live). On the live servers it's the whales that keep the server running, on classic it will be the same, heck I know of one whale clan called Nova that is on the TI server under new names that will prop up the server for as long as they stay. I can tell you how classic will work.

    People will play, there will be a sub culture that will wait patiently for adena prices to come down. people will manually level or auto level up and when it only costs about 100 bucks to buy the best gear at the time, people will start showing up in said gear. it will only go down hill from there, and NCSoft will do nothing about it. In the world of non private L2 servers it about spending that cash whether its on the cash shop on non classic or on the black market adena that will start getting cheaper in the coming months.

  4. omg jesus christ can you all please speak proper English for a moment? This whole post is nonsense, NCSoft has never and will never do anything about bots. The whole OP is just a message form a bot site that is warning it's users to be careful when using the bot and running L2. Overall this whole thread is a bunch of broken English nonsense.

  5. 2 hours ago, GrumpyMuppet said:

    Ridiculous easy the server at this rates. I just farmed 10k of adena in 10 minutes,thanks for nothing.

    lol the game is fine relax. Also are you the same Grump that had the little mishap in FT tonight? Gotta watch that flagging to wake people up man. If that was you, thanks for the pvp though, sometimes I get a little "Demonic" ;

  6. 22 minutes ago, yum said:

    Make it possible to drop your equipped items and inventory items when you die from a monster with white name please.

    and ask Korea to please make it so you drop items if you are 1 PK count not 4+ PK count. thank you please consider Lineage 2's CHAOTIC history, 

    Lineage 2 the CHAOTIC chronicle.

    not Lineage 2 the PEACEFUL "mind your own business never drop an item because you are protected by the game's system" chronicle

    Oh god are you back? I was enjoying my peaceful non-white knight time.

  7. Just now, FatHips said:

    it is an in game mechanic (one that shouldn't be there, or at least freemium), that causes a lot of server problems.

    Same with pets, they removed them for the same reason.  There is logic to disable it beyond just the fact it breaks the game in some small ways.

    Fair enough but it's there and i'm sure there are other ways to address the queue than to remove part of the game (yes even if it's a small part). 

  8. 56 minutes ago, Bestchutzerr said:

    I have 2 full days, in my free time trying to distract myself, and the only thing I get is more anger, it does not connect !!! understand that I do not have all day to play, put yourself in my damn place, the only thing that ncsoft does is make money with you and they do not realize, their service is bad, and unfair

    I don't pretend to know your situation, maybe you're disabled and can't get out of the house for some reason or maybe it's something else. If you are able bodied and of sound mind, do yourself a huge favor and get out of the house for a bit. You sound like you need a little time away from the internet before your head explodes.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Aghast said:

    I do not believe people who disagree with me are idiots, I just said I think what "you" said is idiotic....that said...im open to be enlightened, please share the game mechanics built around the assumption that people will alt+tab from one client to another in order to be able to enjoy the experience.

    All you have to do is just tile your clients a little bit, it takes very little effort. But FatHips is right L2 has always just seemed like it was built to encourage boxing of buffers, im not going to sit here and try to outline in what ways but it just does.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Youhavethewrongrate said:

    really dude come on.  I see all your post and people quote your stuff. please. Turn the dual-boxing off and let everyone in. F2P right? not p2get in the server. yea. I'm using my head and I'm calling double bull-shit on this server issue.

    I'm a paying customer (yes on my two boxes as well), you want to see angry? Shut down my vip clients along with those of every other paying customer, that's when you will see the forums truly burn. You prop up the server, but we pay the bills.

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  11. 15 minutes ago, marcysiek said:

    I achieved everything i wanted in my life, so yeah - nothing better to do atm

    That's really sad, I feel for you. There is so much more you could be doing to benefit humanity than wasting your time here on some random forum. Unless you are trolling and actually just someone sitting in your parents basement looking for attention.

  12. 3 hours ago, GrumpyMuppet said:

    I dont like to speak rude to you or juji because i think you are doing a good job with what you where given. But thats an utterly lie. Maybe they lied to you and you transmitted it to us, but all this mess is because of the ncSoft incompetence and their fraudulent conduct.


    Here, let me speak rude to you, get off your high horse bud! What do you know about what team does what? Instead of pulling some random crap out of your arse just for the sake of posting and getting attention, why don't you just go relax and take a breather? 

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