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  1. The queue isnt something that can be "fixed" you can only have so high of a server cap. The bug after the queue hits 0 however I can understand being a pain in the arse. And i'm glad they are even attempting to fight the botting.
  2. I'm wide awake thanks and my post wasn't meant to be some over analytical break down of expected adena made by level 30. I was just pointing out that by the time I hit 30 I only made about that much. I played 10-12 hours a day (on vacation from work), grinding mobs solo and in parties in AC/OB/Cruma Marsh. I afk fished without spending adena on shots as well.
  3. thanks and i was just replying to that troll bodybuilder not bragging.
  4. I made roughly 200-300k grinding 10-12 hours a day to hit 30, get outta here with that sh*t. And I know how to play, been at it for years in L2
  5. Honestly i think thats exactly it. Especially after seeing what fools will pay for on retail, they probably just figured these sheep will just spend their checks on shots and keep quiet.
  6. To be fair old school l2 didnt really have a ton of content, we kinda made that ourselves with the politics and so forth which was awesome. But i do follow your though process there.
  7. @Hime Played L2 retail for darn near a decade and was really looking forward to this server (just hit 31 and WAS having a lot of fun). I am not the type to refund digital purchases but I have to say this launch got me super close. The death penalty and drop rates must have been tested before launch which leads me to believe that you all knew about it and it was intended. I know people will keep spending money in the shop but boy I wish this would wake some of you all up and you close your wallets until they fix this. P.S. A week or more to address this is NOT acceptable imo.
  8. Fishing is an afk activity with our without shots so unless they have a way to magically restart the server for only those standing there afk in town, this is a silly request. They even give us a fishing pole that lasts ten days, what do you expect us to do with it (don't get cheeky now)?
  9. Just like retail servers, nothing will be done aside from random bans. The top clans wont be touched for botting and the RMT companies and future cash shop events will be your main supplier of adena as with retail. You either get used to this or don't play, it's as simple as that.
  10. I agree completely, this is nothing like what I experienced way back in the day. And as Taunt mentioned I am over spending a dime on this soul/spirit shot pack business once my batch is gone. I expected some crazy cash shop shenanigans from NCSoft but shots? 'cmon.
  11. And? Should we NOT use this opportunity to build up a bit of a nest egg? And to the OP, i suggest you pony up some cash or deal with it. I hear the retail server has room for new players.
  12. Best case scenario you bought a $30 dollar pack whoop dee doo, that still doesn't mean they have to tell you jack. Get over yourself and just be patient.
  13. Don't you have your own classic server? Sheesh
  14. This isn't Classic, it's "Classic" get over it already.
  15. Just because you have the ability to post on the forums doesn't mean you need to. We will get the patch notes when we get them, relax. And that goes to everyone else posting the same stuff over and over again.
  16. Jesus let it go, if they kowtow to everyone of you asking for things that actually go against why you would play a classic version of l2 it wont be freaking classic lol.
  17. When did you start playing L2 Retail lol? While I know long time Vets that want looping I also know those that dont (me included) .I know people are going to bot and it sucks that I wont be able to keep up with them but honestly even with looping macros I still wouldn't. They need to leave them out at least for awhile.
  18. Cool so here's a thought go play Live and fill their threads with all the B.S. As someone who played L2 for many years, only stopping after how crappy NCSoft made the Live version, I am just happy to have an official NA classic server to get a bit of nostalgia on. I do wish you luck in your mission to convince people to not play classic though.
  19. That's all it boils down too, but to be fair l2 has always been about being the strongest whether that means swiping the card, cheating, or using in game features like macro looping (or a combination of all). I myself hope they don't include macro looping, at least make the 9 boxers work a bit like in the old days.
  20. Ignore him, apparently he has a time machine and has already played months of NA Classic lol.
  21. Let's go ahead and wait for an official answer on something like this. Auto Loop Macros have no place in Classic.
  22. I know that afk macros are allowed but its sad that this post looks like something from a third part bot sites forum. By the way you are as bad as the thousands of auto summoners out there, i'm glad you are getting killed while trying to be a lazy shit and afk grinding.
  23. @Neutron Dude 'cmon I spent a decade in this game and after spending time in Archeage and Black Desert i'd like to come back but really? This is how free to play has changed the game? Also do you all at NCSoft not have enough people to police fairies, or any other man leveling area to see that there are hundreds of afk macroers and bots running summoners everywhere? Before f2p we just dealt with ppl botting and buying adena, that was the norm but today, it's out of control. With Project TL coming up and the L2R release, shouldn't you at least try to change the face of L2 just a tad?
  24. WOW so much broken English here. I played this game for almost a decade and I couldn't give a shit about the rmt but NCSoft needs to step in and take care of the summoner problem and remove the macro looping. When the party finder actually includes groups for afk macro parties, that's a problem. I would love to come back to the game and stay but at this point, all I see is NCSoft trying to ignore the real issues and milk us just a bit longer before they sunset the game.
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