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  1. Giants Energy

    Giant's energy was obtainable through hunting. Energy of destruction was, though
  2. elemental bust in mystic muse

    That's quite patronizing if you ask me but ok. Pretty sure that answering his question is not gonna ruin the gameplay.
  3. elemental bust in mystic muse

    Seriously, if you're not gonna answer his question, just don't say anything... What's the point of coming here and suggesting that he's dumb and not even helping?? I don't get it... Mystic Muses have a skill equivalent for Updraft Destruction that's called Icicle Destruction. you'll be able to use Elemental Burst if you land Icicle destruction first.
  4. new french player

    Oui, il y en a un. C'est le clan Ambre. PM Akeno our Warkilleuse in game je pense, ou envoie un mail. Je suis pas dans leur clan mais je peux te mettre en contacte
  5. R110 vs R99 question

  6. Next event

    It was mentioned in the last maintenance post that the power of love event will be on from 12/02
  7. Golden compas istance

    I did have a few dc but nothing recurrent enough to call for an event extension. The attack speed lags occurence was more of an issue for me during the instance. You could maybe hope for a week extention, but 3 or 4? It will never happen
  8. Casual/New Players

    I think you're in the wrong section of the forum, here's the live server discussions, the classic servers discussions are down below : https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/ moderation edit: topic moved
  9. @Juji, @Hime It's been pretty clear that the latency issues aren't gone and that many of us are still experiencing it (especially melee fighters). You've been under total silence ever since the hardware upgrade. People have been complaining for a while now, and we still have no sign of you guys to know if you're working on the issue, or if you even acknowledged it. The situation is definitely not ok at the moment, and our gameplay is affected. So please give us a sign, a little something that show you're caring...
  10. @Hime, @Juji, have you acknowledged that there are still some latency spikes? my attack speed rarely is at optimal state and I even sometimes stop attacking at all. It's not as bas as before your hardware upgrade, but I hope something will be done about it because it's still hard to play sometimes. Also, there's been random synchronised DCs.
  11. Thanks. You WIN.

    I know that, I'm just saying that Sameha's complaint about long time to login message was relevant to the moment the login queue was in effect and irrelevant to Haseo's comment saying that the servers are dead
  12. Thanks. You WIN.

    There was a login queue last week and people were waiting to login. No matter what you think of how low populated the server is...
  13. Thanks. You WIN.

    That's because he posted that 1 week ago.
  14. Need tips on enchanting

    My take on the subject is that if you don't feel lucky and don't have a fully stacked luck char (with +7 maphr shirt), as well as a good budget for enchanting, don't do it. The success rate is low, and become increasingly lower with enchant levels, it's hard to make money if you can't get a lot of parts to enchant. Other that what's been said, I feel like it's important to say that the +% chance given by special scrolls or enchant stone is multiplicative, not additive. For exemple: if your enchant success rate is 60% and you use a ticket that adds +10% success rate, the resulting enchant rate won't be (60+10)%=70%, but 60%+ (10% of 60%) so 66%. Of course that's not what the enchant rate is since I don't know the numbers, and it's most likely way below these numbers (especially at higher level). Also, if you don't know about how LUC works, it doesn't increase your enchant rate, it is a system that triggers with a low % chance (lady luck smiles upon you) that will gurantee your enchant success when happening. Increasing your LUC stat will simply increase this low chance, so yeah, it indirectly increases your chances of success, but not by much. Good luck with whatever your decide to do