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  1. Golden compas istance

    I did have a few dc but nothing recurrent enough to call for an event extension. The attack speed lags occurence was more of an issue for me during the instance. You could maybe hope for a week extention, but 3 or 4? It will never happen
  2. Casual/New Players

    I think you're in the wrong section of the forum, here's the live server discussions, the classic servers discussions are down below : https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/ moderation edit: topic moved
  3. @Juji, @Hime It's been pretty clear that the latency issues aren't gone and that many of us are still experiencing it (especially melee fighters). You've been under total silence ever since the hardware upgrade. People have been complaining for a while now, and we still have no sign of you guys to know if you're working on the issue, or if you even acknowledged it. The situation is definitely not ok at the moment, and our gameplay is affected. So please give us a sign, a little something that show you're caring...
  4. @Hime, @Juji, have you acknowledged that there are still some latency spikes? my attack speed rarely is at optimal state and I even sometimes stop attacking at all. It's not as bas as before your hardware upgrade, but I hope something will be done about it because it's still hard to play sometimes. Also, there's been random synchronised DCs.
  5. Thanks. You WIN.

    I know that, I'm just saying that Sameha's complaint about long time to login message was relevant to the moment the login queue was in effect and irrelevant to Haseo's comment saying that the servers are dead
  6. Thanks. You WIN.

    There was a login queue last week and people were waiting to login. No matter what you think of how low populated the server is...
  7. Thanks. You WIN.

    That's because he posted that 1 week ago.
  8. Need tips on enchanting

    My take on the subject is that if you don't feel lucky and don't have a fully stacked luck char (with +7 maphr shirt), as well as a good budget for enchanting, don't do it. The success rate is low, and become increasingly lower with enchant levels, it's hard to make money if you can't get a lot of parts to enchant. Other that what's been said, I feel like it's important to say that the +% chance given by special scrolls or enchant stone is multiplicative, not additive. For exemple: if your enchant success rate is 60% and you use a ticket that adds +10% success rate, the resulting enchant rate won't be (60+10)%=70%, but 60%+ (10% of 60%) so 66%. Of course that's not what the enchant rate is since I don't know the numbers, and it's most likely way below these numbers (especially at higher level). Also, if you don't know about how LUC works, it doesn't increase your enchant rate, it is a system that triggers with a low % chance (lady luck smiles upon you) that will gurantee your enchant success when happening. Increasing your LUC stat will simply increase this low chance, so yeah, it indirectly increases your chances of success, but not by much. Good luck with whatever your decide to do
  9. That's because the player cap hasn't been reached yet, since the server restarted, there still be queue time at somepoint. Not unless Korean dev impelements it but... 10 rows? Sounds overkill lol
  10. Help with upgrade

    What's your budget?
  11. This is the biggest shiitstorm I've seen since I'm playing here and I have to say that it's pretty fun to watch NCWEST staff must be running around in panick lol Good luck guys, hope you'll be able to fix everything soon
  12. Big LoL to NA players who want non NA players to leave. Do you realize that the second we leave, Naia and Chronos will close? Stop focusing on your own little belly button on and giving us stupid advices... There is a real serious issue that's a big problem for the community, and we're part of that community, if you haven't got that already. So if you don't have anything better to say, then just go and keep playing your game, I don't even see why you're here if you can play normally.
  13. help with Dark Wizard Skills

    I think the best way is to try them make an opinion for yourself, but here's some of my knowledge. Reinforcement spells: First of all, take all passive skills, your toggle skills: the Dark/Wind stances, essence of mana and embody mana armor, and your self buffs emposering echo and burst casting. Wether you use Dark or wind stance will have a different effect on elemental crash and elemental burst (skills that you have to learn too) so choose depending on your favorite effect. Also try try to have the same element on your weapon as the stance you use. Always have essence of mana activated, and empowering echo buff. Embody mana armor will be more contextual, but I wouldn't recommend you to use it in most pve situations because you'll simply be left out of mana, but in some situations it can be very useful. Burst casting will give you cool down reduction, mana consumption reduction, casting speed and prevent your cast from being interupted, so use it whenever it's up. Feoh is a very efficient damage dealer with a very comlete kit for AOE damage. Damage spells: Your main combo will be to mass ruin the mobs and then to use all your aoes on them which would be updraft destruction followed by elemental burst (you can't use elemental burst without using updraft destriction), and elemental storm. Use elemental crash and elemental spike to DPS when these spells are on cooldown. You also have death howl as an AOE damage spell, but it spread the ennemies away, so I excluded it from the combo. At level 91, you will learn shadow snare. This is an essential spell of the feoh because it creates a zone on the location of your choice that will pull mobs together, so make sure to use refresh it often to keep mobs packed. At level 95, you'll learn Arcan Comet Strike, which is a new AOE damage spell in a straight line. It's a powerful spell but costs a lot of mana, so don't use it too much if you can't stay up on mana. At level 99 you'll learn Quadruple Elemental Burst, which is another powerful AOE damage spell, but you'll only be able to use when your Mana Burst level is at 4 (Mana Burst is a buff that's applied when you use Burst Casting and lasts 7 seconds(?). When 7 seconds are gone, Mana Burst will reset and its level will increase, so you have to wait 21 seconds of Burst Casting to use it) Ultility spells: Finally, at level 101, you'll learn Tornado, which is another very powerful AOE damage spell, but you'll be immobile during the whole cast, so use it wisely. I think I talked about the most essential spells for you to use as a Storm Screamer, but there are a bunch of very useful spell that you also have to learn: - Ultimate Body To Mind: will sacrifice some HP so some MP, you need to use it regularly because feoh sonsumes a lot of mana, and healers won't always have rebirth. -Ruin: It's actually a very important spell, since mass ruin has a pretty long cool down in comparison, use it on bosses and mobs that didn't take your mass ruin -Magical Charge and Magical Evasion: One make you teleport forwards, the other backwards very nice mobility spells (especially in pvp), but be careful, these spells break DM, so don't get your party killed -Hell binding/Mass Hell Binding: Some good control spells that will keep mobs in the air for a while. It's good because the mobs don't move at all when under its effect. -Death Fear/Mass Death Fear: More control spells, but more contextual because the mobs go away from you when under its effect (although quite slowed down). I think it's more useful for PvE, but you can still use it for PvE Others: -Death Breath: A damage over time spells that deals a fixed amount of damage. I don't think it's a very good spells, but it'll be of help if you don't have a good stuff. Death Lord: Most useless spell in my opinion. It makes you immobile for 10 seconds while casting it and will steal HPs from your target, but there's a thing called spell vamp, so whatever... I think I covered pretty much everything. I'm not a main feoh but I a Mystic Muse and that's what I've learn from it (+reading l2wiki for Storm Screamers). Any experienced feoh is welcomed to call me out if I'm saying bullcrap
  14. All players can log, but when a certain amount of players online is reached, the next ones longing will be controlled by a login queue