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  1. First of all, we don't have this feature for r99. ncwest refused to implement it. So you can forget about ultimate/ transcendant. If you want pve+pvp set, you have to go for r110. You have 2 choices. Either buying +10 r110 directly, or you can upgrade your set to r110/ I think you lose 1 enchant level on armors when upgrading to r110. Moreover i'm pretty sure it's cheaper to buy +10 parts rather than upgrading
  2. wow I'm actually hyped, al this sounds pretty good
  3. That would be nice, and we could use some extra huting grounds for 100-110...
  4. Good guy Timmy lol Thanks for wanting to help other players Don't pay attention to haters, there'll always be. Don't let them prevent you from doing more!
  5. Yes, the actual description is a bit confusing, because it says "P.atak/P.skill/M.skill crit rate, so it looks like it's supposed to give P.atack, But PoM is only about critical rate and damage (for the targeted buff)
  6. I think last occurence was said to be the last, so you shouldn't expect it at all. There are new ragular events every year, so naturally some older ones have to stop at some point.
  7. You say you found your char dead and you just assume servers were lagging like hell? There could be lots of reasons for you to die. Like SafeStash said, we recently lost our bloody runes and free greater ruby, that's a non negligible loss. Moreover, acting outraged because you lost 1 day prestigee and xp is gonna get you nowhere lol. We're not in a Wallmart in the US, being a Karen won't get you what you want... You should find a better place for your macro, where do you usually farm?
  8. I wasn't including you, actually. Mostly talking about the people who were REALLY REALLY whiny in this thread
  9. Man I can just feel the rain of salt from here... Everyone think their screenshot is the most beautiful and should have won. What I see here are people who interpreted the rules in the wrong way, and are mad about it. The screenshot is supposed to focus on the background to begin with, many of you guys tried to had fancy effects and animations from skills, but from my perspective, it's overloading the screen and doesn't make it look good. Sure, it's creative, but you missed the main point. The goal imo was to focus on the scenery, not on your skill animations or on the mobs of the hunting
  10. Honestly I don't really know what they can do. I"ve seen many people suffer from the same issues, but also many people(including me) having 0 problem and pretty much never any dc on any account logged. So it could be a issue coming from provider, or location or maybe a bad route. But you can't say for sure that they are the problem on this one, and if they're not, I'm not sure what they're supposed to do about it.
  11. How to Enter. To enter, you must (i) take an in-game screenshot thatfeatures your in-game character (the screenshot must show your character’s name) in your favorite in-game hunting zone (no photoshopping or image editing to the screenshot is allowed); and (ii) email your screenshotto L2Community@ncsoft.com account with the subject line “L2 16thAnniversary Screenshot Contest.” Additionally, the email must include the following information in the body of the email: (i) character name and server; (ii) your country of residence.Each screenshot submitted in accordance with these Official Contest R
  12. I agree that some of these screens are underwhelming, but nowhere it said that there had to be mobs, just to picture a part that obviously represents the hunting zone should be enough
  13. I haven't played Sayha's seer at all, but from my experience, the only thing it's good at is 1v1 pvp. It's mostly unwanted for party farm because it doesn't bring much to the table compared to other classes. Most Sayha's players I've known have struggled leveling up because nobody wants one in party. I'm pretty sure that's the reason you barely see any. So if you don't have a reliable CP or a lot of gear to compensate, I wouldn't advise you to play it.
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