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  1. help with Dark Wizard Skills

    Here you go! https://l2wiki.com/Feoh_Storm_Screamer
  2. How do you think the players would react to a (probably l2store) event when the servers don't even work properly for 2 weeks? Wouldn't be a good move, trust me
  3. What do you mean by optimizing the ranking system, if I may ask?
  4. Known Issue: Server Latency

    It affected everyone because your character would sometimes be unable to use any skill (macro or active) and just standing. Skill use wasn't as bad as attack speed, thought. As evi, I'd have from half a second to 2 seconds delay between each auto attack animation, and sometimes I'd completely stop attacking. I haven't noticed the problem anymore since last night's unscheduled maintenance, though.
  5. Sub classes

    It was said in the patch note that subclasses were going to be removed, you should go check it out. Subclasses were removed, but the subclass skills are replaced by on skill that is a combination of ALL previously existing subclass skills. So it's an overall buff (especially if you're ertheia). Go talk to dual class certification master in Aden or Talking island to get it. As for the subclasses utility, they've been replacing all useful skills for the past years, and making prelevel 85 easier and easier with time, so their relevance was completely gone. I'm not surprised to see their gone nor will I miss them.
  6. New Class ?

    The 3rd one (awakening/bloody servers)
  7. My experience after this night is that it is a major improvement. attack speed seems to be at a decent state at the moment... I don't know what are people complaining about right now. Sure, it's not the optimal situation, but the macro system is working just fine, and we can finally get to play the game. I'll take this situation anytime rather than what it was before. People who're complaining that they can't macro anymore should go play lineage 2 revolution, they'll find their happiness. As for compensation issues, you guys should WAIT THAT THE ISSUES ARE FIXED... Please, I know the situation has been terrible and that your reason for complaining about wasted boosts are legitimate, but you guys are full of crap...
  8. Ork Dominator

  9. Known Issue: Server Latency

    To be honest, if they can't fix the problem themselves, they might as well take advises from poeople players who have the skills to do so. We're almost 2 weeks into these lags and we have no sign of improvements since then. ncwest l2 team is probably understaffed, and I don't doubt that they're doing their best at the moment, but the situation is critical and if experienced players in the field can help fixing the issue, that would be better for everyone
  10. Boxes for Eviscerator?

    It's a chain quest that's new from Fafurion part 2. There are 3 quest, each of which give some items and consumables. The 3rd one gives a circlet +5 of your choice. The first quest starts at Tarti in Gludio and is called "Where fates intersect". The other 2 quests start at Joachim in Aden when you have finished the previous ones.
  11. Boxes for Eviscerator?

    I don't disagree with what you're saying but with a 100b budget, you should definitely go for +12 bloody rather than shadow. The main advantage of shadow fists to me is that they give a +100 crit rate, and crit rate is not easy to max with a low gear. 100b budget should be able to overcome that issue easily. Bloody fists, +8 set, QA/wyrm rings, normal valakas, lv3 ruby+opal, +7 elmore and longing, and try to make that new quest that gives +5 authority circlet asap. Just getting that will make you strong enough to farm in most places of your level and even a bit higher. And you'll even have some leftover money for whatever you want to spend on. I'd try to get a taurus and a nurka/lidia/gustav belt too.
  12. AP and Weapon question

    I'm not healer main but I think caster or buster doesn't really matter for a healer, there's a small bonus with crit rate/damage? when enchanted, but overall it's not something that will influence your healing at all. As for the AP, I'm pretty sure the knight tree is the best. casting speed should be easily reachable, even for a dark elf. I think M.atack does have influence on healing, but you need a lot to see the difference, and AP tree is not gonna give you that difference. As for skill power, I was told it doesn't work on healings. in any case, I think your main healing power will be balance heal and progressive heal rather than the regular heals, except probably for panic heal. Focusing on defensive stats is your priority at any time, and the wizard tree doesn't provide you enough of that. Hope somone more experienced can confirm what I'm saying.
  13. New Class ?

    I went on the korean website to check around updates and event, and it seems that the death knight thing is not for the awakened servers but for the main servers (from what I could understand, main servers mean classic servers). You can see that the ertheia race is not featured in the character creation displayed on the website. You can check there for yourself : https://lineage2.plaync.com/events/2019/190731_deathknight/whoareyou
  14. Revelation skill level 2

    They do work, but you can't see it in the description indeed. So your only way to know the effect is to look it up here: https://l2wiki.com/Revelation_Skills
  15. R110 Weapon and Armor Question

    Level 118 bosses spawn very frequently compared to dragons and they all drop r110 items, you don't need to look for abuse, the amount of items in the market makes sense imo
  16. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I don't know if ranking system is the cause, but for sure it takes a lot of unnecessary informations about tens of thousands of characters created for the past 15 years. Maybe you guys should consider implementing a system that erases automatically all chars not played for the last 5 years or something that lightens the database? We don't need all these preawakened forsaken characters with irrelevant stuff anyway.
  17. The whole goddard area is full of useless places, I expect them to be changed soon enough too
  18. I don't agree with NCSOFT, but you should not hoping for anything, they won't revert that. We're talking business here. If players can make good adenas from playing, they're less likely to spend in the l2store. The player base is already pretty low as it is, and they'll try their best to milk player as much as they can until the end. It's sad to say, but this is game is not developped for players, but for profit, so whenever new ways of making money will be found, they'll be nerfed again. If you want to make adenas, you have to build enough boxes, and strong enough dds to make boss instances will only a few people regularly and potentially several times a week.
  19. Boxes for Eviscerator?

    Agreed with what's said above. When it comes to boxing, all isses are basically the same pre 101. So if you intend to go 101, it's best to get a hierophant for PoM. For the healing, I think Eva's saint has the most efficient healing of all 3 classes. Evi doesn't have mana problems, so you don't need to go for another class. May I ask you what's your current gear, where you farm and HOW you farm? Depending on the answer, I could advise you where to go and it could indeed be usesful to add an eva templar in your setup
  20. Help- ertheia dual class

    Oh, my bad, I didn't see the 0 sp part lol. If you can't find anyone to help you farm, there's also the sp crolls and fortune pockets stage 4/5 in AH that give SP
  21. Luck Dye

    You can get them by clearing the dimensional warp bosses or by opening a tempest stone. You can also get some by opening fortune pockets stage 5 If you can't do that, the only way is through auction house. I think that's about all if I remember correctly. Here's some detail: https://l2wiki.com/Abyssal_Makkum https://l2wiki.com/Fortune_Pocket_-_Stage_5#Open Box https://l2wiki.com/High-grade_Wind_Dye_Pack I'm not sure about what I'm going to say but I think the drop rates shown for abyssal makkum are the ones of the lvl 35 dimensional warp. I think lvl45 dimansional warp abyssal makkum has higher chances, but I never got there myself, so I don't know. You need very strong dds to get there anyway.
  22. Delay when attacking

    Yeah, it would be to at least know that the problem is being worked on... The game is currently unplayable
  23. Help- ertheia dual class

    As for the skills problem, have you awakened your dual already? if you finished all the quests, there should be an icon to change class on the bottom right corner of your screen