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  1. As for the skills problem, have you awakened your dual already? if you finished all the quests, there should be an icon to change class on the bottom right corner of your screen
  2. I'm not sure I understand. Has there been any change with ertheias? You're supposed to make a quest for dual, and then you can just choose a dual that will be directly 85. I never had to xp from level 40. Did it change in Fafurion?
  3. My question about patch notes is: WHY SO MANY "ADJUSTED"? Could you simply tell us if something's been nerfed or increased rather than letting us in the blue? I know that It's probably nerfed everywhere, but it's a bit frustrating to be given half the infos, when it would take you 2 more minutes to give us clarity. You don't just throw a change to your playerbase without telling them the nature of it...
  4. Since when was titan op? This class require a huge amount of gear to be really strong, especially since SoS+2h blunt is gone for them, and not they lose an extra 15% patack. I'm no tyrr myself, but the class is in bad state enough for that to happen imo, especially for average/low geared player. On the other hand, evis, who were perfectly fine got a free 15% patack added to inside position. Yet to find any logic in here (I'm evi myself)
  5. I've checked again teh website, and I see no mention of lvl5 being obtainable, only lvl1 boxes are listed, where did you see that?
  6. Absolutely nothing, we just have to wait for the patch note supposedly coming in the next few hours.
  7. This was mentioned several times, including in the old forums, I think. We won't get these as far as I know. However, the leviathan (r110) sets top improivement will have similar affects, so you'll be able to have pve/pvp sets if you're really rich (Unless they remove that too)
  8. Don't forget that NCWEST is NA, so it's still 14/05 for a while
  9. Omg what the hell did I just watch? such terrible editing, please don't ever do that again... Moreover, you're making farming comparison when you're farming full buffs on with br, broch br and cloak on, it's so easy to take things out of context. If you want to shame someone, do it right, please.
  10. I hope so too, that would be a logical follow up to the clan slots nerf, but common sense hasn't always been the NCway lol
  11. Yep, I think that was the intention of Ncsoft to begin with From what I understood, it won't be deleted from the game, but from the droplists. I suspect that S/S80 grade armors will be armors will be added in the l2store for appearance No change was mentioned about normal freya/zaken, I think they will simply upgrade the drop list
  12. Yeah, it's about time this issue is seriously looked into, even having max inventory on main and dual classes doesn't fix the issue. Why even spending elcyum to get these extra inventory slots if it's uselss in the end... When pretty much every player in the server is facing the same problem, then it should be adressed (especially since it really seems like a poor programming job to begin with). For a player with decent gear, all the equiped items, consumables, various runes and other various useful items already makes you at 90 or more items. So it means you have to to get rid
  13. Yes, it's because of te weird transition of air light at level 103 who is renamed to gravity tower for some NCWEST reason (maybe Juji knows?). I noticed that when I put /useskill gravity tower in the macro and save it, it becomes /useskill air light in the macro description and work properly. But if you save /useskill air light in the macro, it becomes null. So everytime you modify your macro, you have to either rewrite gravity tower, or as Play4Fun sugggested, use the skill shortcut.
  14. Considering that there's a merge every year and that player base is dropping dramatically with time, it's very unlikely to happen. Moreover, if a new server is created, it will just be taken over by spenders, and you'll just struggle as much to make money if you don't spend, unfortunately.
  15. Not sure what you're epxecting. If you can't have it, that means it's taken, either by an active or inactive player, and that you can't have it. Don't torture yourself for so long over a nickname and just find another. Or do like many did here, add a "i" or a "x"' in front of it.
  16. Some people are very talented to gather information and impersonating other people to gain other's trust, this happened many times, and there's always someone falling for it, you can't just say that it's the victim's fault for falling for it, because they were deceived to begin with. There has been some situation like this happening in the past, and people managed to get their gear, but perhaps if you're not a spender, you'll get nothing back... In any case, never trust someone that's on an alt, unless you have formall proof that it is actually the person they pretend to be... As for NCwe
  17. I didn't say he was a newbie, I said he was beginner with that class... My point is just that if you have nothing better to say to someone asking advice than: "you suck" or "you're handless", you should not be posting...
  18. Yeah I'm really having a hard time with some reactions here... Dude's coming on forum to ask for some advice because as he said, he is beginner with the class and some guys just come here to tell him he sucks, and don't give any constructive advice... What's even the point of coming here if you're not gonna help a guy who asks for help? I don't play Sayha, but it's a class who gets a lot of hate because its only real strengh is when played solo. It doesn't bring utility in pve, not oustanding damages eigher, and it doesn't look good in mass pvp either, as it's quite fragile. The only situati
  19. Obsidian gives pvp damage reduction
  20. They might as well close the forums then, because it's full of biitching and trash talking about them
  21. Pretty sure you can't augment an already augmented weapon, even if it's a different ston with a different set of skills. Instilled are usually used on a low R weapon so you equip, use, reequip other weapon.
  22. I'll assume that you have a low budget So I will recommend you low tier epic jewels: Orfen's soul earring Blessed zaken's earring Special resistance earring Antharas' earring (more expensive) (Ideally I'd go for antharas/orfen) Blessed freya's necklace for better healing / Frintezza's soul necklace for better defense Ring of creation Baium's soul ring Queen ant's soul ring choose depending on your stats and what you think you'd need, or what is available, all of those rings are good to use If you're planning on donating and are going to gear up fas
  23. Yes, you can do whatever you want with dual class except Oly. The only thing that will require you to have main class at high lvl is exalted part 3 that requires both classes 100. Other than that, You can very well be 85 main and 105 dual without any issue
  24. you can have a positive reputation if you kill some PKs (green name) So if you have enough of it, you can pk a few players without becoming red, as long as your reputation does go below 0. If i'm not wrong, you get -720 * (pk counts) reputation everytime you PK. I believe Exeqtor has stacked up rep/pk scrolls, so he probably doesn't have to worry about dropping stuff
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