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  1. Private Shop Player are dead.

    I have witnessed a friend dying while fishing right next to mewhen I checked my screen, when i looked around, there was raid boss Queen of darkness running around in Aden. It's a raid boss that belongs to Bloody swampland and it has crap damages so it doesn't makes me less confused about that I might have a screenshot about it somewhere Edit: here you go https://imgur.com/FJpO5QM
  2. Pc Cafe Poits

    It's probably one of the numerous features that they overlooked while preparing the update. Considering how messy and quickly done the preliminary patch note was, I'm not surprised about that. I expect it to be removed in the near future (maybe 5 or 6 months :D)
  3. Hero Coins

    Last year update said that they were not resetting hero coins anymore, so you can keep stacking!