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  1. That's the way of playing Lineage 2, since .. forever Anyway , is it true that you lost 1% XP if you died in a Siege ? That's .. hardcore lol!
  2. https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=441892 Damn :)) I laugh so hard at this : Most people use things called soulshots/spiritshots which increase your damage which reduces the time to level by approximately 1/2 (twice damage) but is VERY expensive and unmaintainable without 'buying game money with real-life money', or by using them sparingly. Anyway, I .. really didn't had any idea that S grade was a thing back in 2004. Nonetheless, nice read
  3. When exactly was not like this, hm ? Even in the early days of Lineage 2, people multiboxed : 1 main - 1 buffer - 1 shop , or 1 main 1 buffer/shop. I keep hearing the "bots" word. No bullshit, but I didn't saw trains of bots and I am level 28. Matter of fact, the only bots I saw was from some random links here on the forums on low level areas where there seems to be some bots. But in no way there are bots like it used to be. I agree however, about fishing. That's bad for the server now. Later will be ok, but now .. is..kinky They will not change it however, so .. they just
  4. Kabala

    bots festival

    Yup! They are bots, but .. how is this "Giran Full of Bots" ?! I really did not see any bot train and I'm level 28. They are some, sure, but .. they stay in caves as far as I can see :))
  5. Spoil is not counted on any VIP's. That's .. drop items - from mobs - . You can't increase Spoil % as of now!
  6. For how long have you been using the SPQR name for your clan? I remember this was a L2 Romanian clan like .. 10 years ago. Any connections with it ?
  7. Check this out : We are investigating the affected accounts and will update everyone involved in their support tickets. Our stance on VPN/WTFast is that we don't support it, however we don't ban accounts based on sole VPN usage even if players who use them do so at their own risks. Read more at https://www.gamerevolution.com/features/12200-psa-using-vpns-in-blade-soul-will-get-you-permanently-banned-by-ncsoft#W2102xlA2GVYHUUS.99 Using a VPN does not get you a ban. They do not support it, aka , don't ask them .. assistance , questions , etc.
  8. I said it before launch, that this .. "bot report feature" will get very abused in PvP. Imagine 5 v 5 . Whoever reporter the healer wins , since while he start typing the captcha , he can do no healing and ..probably die
  9. Don't mind this one! Has no clue what he's saying .. Yes, is divided between party members. Your .. equation is valid Read above !
  10. Anyway, OP, did you got the window captcha after the .. reports?
  11. So ..no one at NcSoft could of possible thing that this L2 Classic will be this huge of a success People throwing money at NcSoft like crazy! Nice, that means we will keep this game clean from them to throw P2W items in the cash-shop. At least for a big while. My advice for NcSoft? KEEP THOSE LAUNCH PACKS ON. I mean, make them permanent. In this way , new players can purchase it when they start playing here and/or old ones, when they want to make a second/third box and want to level faster. Your in-game prices for 7 Days 50% XP Rune is very high and you'll lose big money if you do no
  12. Same discussion on WoW forums I see here about multiboxing which you can control say an entire party with 1 character. You are allowed that in WoW, Diablo 3, etc and I think in every game which respect itself. Why ? Because is NOT automation as some people here are saying. Automation = Make ( Use of a software ) a script and play by itself = Bot . Multiboxing is a very different thing. You press the buttons for the characters to make actions in-game. Yes, with the help of IN GAME macros, which, they are allowed. The characters do not act alone if you go AFK. That's in no way shape o
  13. Geez! Not only you did not know what's the name of the starting area for Human's , but you also thrown some weird crazy conspiracy theory! Gj I suppose
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