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  1. I was lucky enough to get 1x Great Spear , 1x Apprentice's Staff , 1x Puma Skin Shirt and 1x some D boots ...and 1x Elven Bow ........ Shaft after spoiling 200 Mobs?! Pff
  2. Still on you! Really now. I mean, even in real life, spending money on whatever you want is ON you! Weird heh?
  3. If you are talking about the "main quests" until level 20, for free weapon/armor/shots , then yeah! Any other quest, you will get the item even if last hit or not. 1 by 1 that is, but you are getting it.
  4. Lol really ? I get your frustration, but this ? I could understand when he had the launch rates, but right now I don't believe you are running out of Adena for sps. Seriously now .. PS: If you are talking pre-rates-update , then .. that's on you! I spend 0$ on the shouts because I refused to play a game with that rates. Didn't even played in the last 3 days until the update rates has gone live.
  5. Exactly my point about WC. So, WC will be Anyway , yeah! I loved that video. I reckon, the guy has all buffs lol, but the joy is there
  6. As a reference, watch first 10 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_cRbeoqA7U I love it PS: Yeah, he's not a spoiler but .. beside 5% P attack , there is really not any other differences !
  7. Yeah, no AOE's now, later on if .. anything So , WC then ? Can't I have a desktop and a Laptop! So, Prophet you say. Why ? Whats the difference between WC and Prophet later on ? I remember WC as one of the best when it comes to Spear AOE's. I also loved the "Heal Over Time" skill
  8. No thanks! I'm good. I don't want to spend hours just to find a decent party wherever I want to spoil or whenever I want to play the game. I'll look for a clan, sure, but .. not now! Also , why are you off topic me ?!
  9. Yeah! Not bad, but , I think WC will do better ? What do you mean how ? Glad I'm your hero! You welcome
  10. So! I have SE+BD+Spoil and I want to open a client on my laptop, which .. yeah, I want it a .. buffer, since I plan to AOE solo with my Spoiler later in the game. WC? Would it make a big difference ? Thanks!
  11. Well , good thing is that you are not running any business like this. Learn common sense before talking free vs vip's. Sa fii sanatos ca ai vro 40 de ani! 36 eu! Si daca te-ai simtit insultat, la fel , sa fii sanatos Invata sa faci diferenta si sa gandesti ca, fara free players, astia care platesc, se "plictisesc". Da, acum la inceput or fi mai multi VIP's, insa gandeste pe termen mediu si lung. Dar na, ce stii tu "d-astea" ! "Successuri" :)))
  12. First, you did NOT d.o.n.a.t.e.d. You made a PURCHASE : d.o.n.a.t.i.o.n noun noun: d.o.n.a.t.i.o.n; plural noun: d.o.n.a.t.i.o.n.s something that is given to a charity, especially a sum of money. Secondly , it is what it is. We had that rates, now we have the new ones. Get used with.
  13. Listen! I get it, we might end up like LIVE servers, but until then, stfu and play whatever we have now!
  14. We were talking this .. Now suddenly, we didn't talked about TI vs Giran, but VIPs vs NoVips? Gtfo! "Freeloaders" matter MORE then VIPS! Without them, F2P titles will go down fasty "dude". If there are no free's there are no vips. Learn common sense! Cum zicea ala? Esti praf tinere? LOL!
  15. You are really making me smile If VIP's have Queues in TI that means what ? More people are paying in US then EU , and that's it. Last time I check, there were 2k Queues in Giran and 1.7k in TI. Note that please. Anyway , queues are a very big problem now, I reckon that and I do feel pitty for those who are waiting for hours just to login into the game, but .. the only way for this to be .. fixed is if they will open a new server , hence, the title of this topic where you just sent people to Innova if there servers are full.
  16. Listen! I bought 3 packs before servers went live. After I saw the rates, I spend 0$ on the cash shop because I started to "hate" NcSoft rates and also I stopped playing for 3 days until they fixed the rates. You spent 60$ in the first week is specifically YOUR problem. Not mine, not NcSoft. You wanted to be above everyone and have SS's every day and night? It was your call. Almost all people are happy now with the rates and any compensations will not matter at all. We good now! We good. Now stop blabla-ing and enjoy the game!
  17. I will take this .. kind of monetization every day and night VS .. a P2W type of monetization with Enchant scrolls and such in the cash shop. Sure, there is a probability we might see those in the future, but until then, is OK!
  18. If you still believe that Giran is "less full" then TI because there is a difference of 100 players , then you are delusional. It has to do with server configuration, because you can't explain the queues otherwise. About NcSoft vs Innova services, well .. is a different story here. Did Innova had almost 3 full servers 1 week after launch and lots and lots of queues? Anyway , NcSoft is not the best when it comes to services, I agree here. But .. they are decent.
  19. Giran has 123 lower then TI? Is because of how they configurated the EU server. There are lots of Queues on EU right now, so .. yeah! Stop with the non-sense. Because my main was ..banned for 7 days ! Can't say the reason as I will get banned even more Yes you did send players to Innova, stop acting like a "good knight" wanting to present players with an alternative, where what you actually did was typing an ignorant reply to a very , very real problem : Queues !
  20. That's ..a different explanation ( perhaps ). Giran does not have less then TI. What you see is a difference of 70-80 players, which I believe is because of the configuration of the "EU" Server. At night, sure , because we don't have players from -big- different time-zone, as NA ( as a whole ) has. Now, stop acting like a kid and send players to play on other servers if they want to play here, would ya?
  21. Wow............. Farm till 40 without SS . Nice !! Now, you do that, and then come back and tell us all , how proud you are, ok? Thanks!
  22. Why ? Really ? This is your .. awesome explication as to why you don't agree with a new EU timezone server? Amazing If NcSoft has enough data to see how many EU's are trying to connect ( but can't ) and can safely say that it will at least half full a new server, then they can open a new one.
  23. Nope! That was not a fun journey. Not even for you. Yeah, it "looked" like a fun journey since is a fresh server, but in no more then 1 month, you would of been here. screaming "PLZ INCREASE RATES!!"
  24. Hm! Those random ban's doesn't make any sense. Banning 1 account out of 3 and not the entire 3 boxes which of course, are played on the same ip is very suspicious. Especially when you hear that his buffer/healer got banned but not his main! I mean really ? If anything, you "cheat" with your main, and not your healer/buffer. Anyway, I take it that this .. XIGNCODE3 might actually interface a lot more with your computer then it looks and so is making false/positive warnings. Which is bad. I know it scans your "files" for potential blabla's , but it seems is not doing a good job at all.
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