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  1. This! Plus, it will STILL take the spots. Is not like if you use an "offline shop" , you make room for other player. Nope, you are still counted.
  2. Speak in your name. "Even for us, f2p players" :))) So we got an increase of 50% to 200% on everything : Adena , Items, Spoil.
  3. I..don't agree here. People who are f2p players, will mostly remain f2p players no matter what. Mostly, because they don't have $. And that's fine, because they help Paying players a lot. They spoil, they take full drops and they sell andso, they are helping the economy and the health of the server. Limiting free players will hurt the economy a lot and also they will start getting frustrated since they will hit a wall at some point, and they will /quit , making the server less and less populated. Free Players = Free Advertising !
  4. So VIP4, more or less, will get x1 rates. Not bad And..Free players? No ? C'mon! Count them too
  5. This might be just me, BUT, if the drops are actually O.K I don't need any compensation for the past week. Sht happens, we can forgive IF they will deliver what the majority of the players are asking !
  6. For 1 weapon? And for 8+ hours daily grind? Well , no! It should not sound right to anyone !:)
  7. More or less, you agree that the "past" rates were bad to the server I take ANd yeah, I was talking about Weapon only! Pff..imagine all the jewels and armors, etc
  8. 1+ Week for NG weapon, 3+ Weeks for Top D , 2?+ Months For Top C , 5 Months for Top B ? And that if you playing like you played in the first month. So yeah!
  9. WHAT?! No way !! Looking forward for the exact rates but !! Finally
  10. ...and I remember people going crazy that PK+4 do not drop items Told them that there will be NO PK ( from serious players ) on this server for months. Yet , they said there will be ! Oh well ..
  11. So! I take it that there are Russians on this server? How .. unexpected LOL! Of course they found a way to login and play. Now take your tears and go xp so more !
  12. This makes "Lineage 2" looks more like a instanced game , where you stay in 1 spot and .. "play" Yeah, sadly is necessary to at least try to play the game! But hopefully, they will disable this event!
  13. As you said "No Russians!!" Who in the right Romanian mind plays with Russians ?! I'm a Romanian and I will never play with Russian players, except when I'm forced to. No! I am not rasist. I love Russia as a country, his people , but Russian gamers are ... very, very rude and bad players, especially in HoTs. Man! Russians playing Heroes of the Storm are so .....so.... nvm So yeah! No Russians here, and not because I say so, but because NcSoft has Russia on banned Country List
  14. 8 ?! I was never at that.. event boss. Did you got something useful ?
  15. Those evil Koreans has build Lineage 2. I get it that we are (very) angry because of the current rates situation, but .. don't go beyond common sense! Is useless.
  16. Ok! Can she also be my friend? :)) She will not need L2 anymore , if we would be ...friends !
  17. This instance is meant to be there and they even said it will be there. About that much XP, is taken as a Box Reward which you get one after you finish the Dungeon. Is O.K !
  18. I also played about 1 h yesterday night and after 30 mins I got NO sweep on mobs. After the 30 mins, I started to get some. I even got a SSD rec . But nope, is just .. luck ! I believe that was just a feeling
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