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  1. Then you are a bad employer for your "software company" where you are working at . Korea Dev's takes all the responsibility for the servers, including rates. Hence, waiting for the to do some internal tests, and also, to see how much of an impact will the rates have in short/medium and long terms. Happy ?
  2. I meant as an additional as is now with Drop Rates ( 50% more for Vip4 ) . Free users should also get a boost in Adena/Spoil/Drop , no matter what!
  3. If you can't see why , then .. stop wondering lol!
  4. Ah! Stop it :)) Anyway, a server restart will mean nothing, even if in prime time. Players are there , no matter what. They will login back. Now all they need to do is deploy the updated rates today and i'll be happy*. Happy = If they will give us some decent rate updates
  5. Oh! Will be lovely if they will add Adena + Spoil rates to VIP
  6. Early tomorrow for US means starting from 4:00 PM in EU. So .. technically , we should get the update today
  7. Title. I say F2P will have something like x0.75% and VIP's x1 , with drops increasing by the VIP level. Drops can go up to 100% more for VIP level 4. Your turn
  8. So I take it you are a morning person?
  9. So , with your last sentence, you added Ukraine to the "Mother Russia" heh? Nice .. Ukraine should be unbanned from the blocked countries no matter what X or Y says. They are part of Easter Europe and they are no longer under "URSS". But, I take it that when NcSoft and Innova signed the contract for Lineage 2, Ukraine was included in"Our Country" list from Innova. Sad!
  10. Tomorrow, as of Today, right? Can't wait !!
  11. True, is not C1,C2, etc .. ...nor is Lineage 2 Classic which we know and saw in RU/EU/KR . This is a "custom" L2 Classic, which is sad!
  12. So I take it you are not even level 20 ? I mean, are you serious ? Take a break, Go back to project 99!
  13. Nc Interactive, NcWest, etc, are part of NcSoft. Stop with the conspiracy theories!
  14. Pretty spot on! Well done. Now only if they hurry up with the "upgraded" rates. As I understand, they have them but they are still .. testing them ! A..sneak peak screenshot with a mob dropping Adena with the new rates, would help a lot @Hime
  15. Buenas, Buenas aires. Parle English here silvuple.
  16. Well, the new email address and "mail.com" is a bit kinky to be honest I mean, whats the reason for making a new email just for playing on NcSoft servers? Anyway , if you are indeed clean, you should get your account back! If not, well ..
  17. Yuck! Indeed it is. No one should be playing no more then 1 char in Lineage 2!
  18. Yes, I suspect that too, but on his second video, that's clearly a bot!
  19. ....they always said that is allowed 3 accounts per PC ! And it should stay this way. I don't wanna stay in town spamming !LF Party for 1 hour and then exit the client because .. reasons !
  20. By multiboxing you mean, 3 boxes per PC ?
  21. Seems the boy was trying to sell NG SS's for real money !
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