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  1. If you are not using a bot , and all you use is a software which broadcasts your keyboard on all 3 boxes, and .. somehow they ban you for "botting", you should email them and tell them the exact problem. In the end, you are not botting = afk playing , and so they should have the ability to understand this and unban you with probably telling you : Don't do that again All I am saying here is theoretically. Don't take my word as a 100% pure truth.
  2. /bullshit ! I've been .. paid them money and nowhere I have "rates NEAR that". The only thing VIP is doing, is increasing the x0.25 drop rate, to .. 0.35x or so. And that's all VIP can do. VIP does not relate to Adena or Spoil rates. Game is not challenging. Farming for 10,12-20 hours straight with this rates, is not challenging or "PRO". Is idiocricy. I take it that you indeed, do farm for more then 8+ hours a day ? Everyday of the week? And yet, here you are, defending this? We are not used to this. If you played all your life on high rates private servers and final
  3. Pretty much this. I mean, there can be some isolated cases where ban's are wrongfully given, but .. after you contact support and they manually re-check and they keep saying "Dude, you've been botting, gtfo" , then ..that's on you! Moreso, you come to the forums crying over it which , doesn't look good. I mean, we are talking about Lineage 2 , right? The "Mother of Bots" . So .. yeah
  4. I don't believe that this was or is the case in L2. That works only with Clan Warehouse.
  5. Wait what? Then that's the reason why you got banned
  6. That, is a bot Well , good thing is that our rates are fcked up lol! Anyway, L2 had always bots. Is up to NcSoft to "fix" this. Report and move on!
  7. Should not be a problem as long as YOU manage all your boxes. (c) Use, or provide others with, any software related to the Game, including any automation software (a.k.a. "bot") or software designed to change or modify operation of the Game; (d) Use, or provide others with, any "hack," "cheat," "exploit" or "mod"; So, if you are not changing anything in game-files , or any automation ( pressing a key which 2 boxes will react on it is not automation ), you should be fine. Automation = Run the Script and he'll do the things for you ( except Macro's of course ) . Anyway,
  8. Stop showing me the good old days rates I am not playing since 4? days because of this rates. Is useless. Moreso, my main being a spoiler, and it hurts me spoiling 20+ and then 1 sweep which yes, a Suede or something. I really want to see their ...Big update about rates already , to know if I will play or not. It sucks to stay in stand-by. So much potential where in the end, was ruined.
  9. If those are bots, they are the worst bots ever lol! I mean, standing at 1 spot on 1 mob ! Maybe light afk ?
  10. LOL! First post on your second or 3rd account and you are still trolling?! Is not elitist to point out that he played back in the days, yet is "elitist" to grind with this current rates? ...amazing!
  11. Understandable. I'll personally take care of this!
  12. It doesn't apply at all, let alone spoil. IF it does apply to drops only, there is no real difference. So vip right now is useless , except maybe , you can login to the servers, while f2p players, can't !
  13. They .. did said this week
  14. Rate like , Spoil Success or Sweep ? Hm! Can someone confirm this ?
  15. Fair point. Then reason might be because of your friends and that you partied with them!
  16. I was talking about your .. friends. Unless every one of 200 you know are your friends, including bots and adena sellers ! Listen. If you bot, get over it. Make a new char, and play fair. Alt tab between boxes, make macro's , but .. botting is bad!
  17. Well , I believe you did party with them, right? This , "My friends are botting but i'm not" , is .. kinky! I say you also bot. But that's just me. Maybe I'm wrong, but .. NcSoft too?
  18. Well , if that's true, send them another email.
  19. Normally, after a refund, without their agreement, will result in the account banned. How did you asked the refund ?
  20. So happy for you for being .. smart!
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