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  1. Question about the location of the server

    all servers are located at Texas, US https://twitter.com/LineageII/status/1048009760581140481
  2. Pk

    Karma is skyhigh, i pk 64 and i died like 7 times (some ressisted to be killed), still like millions karma left. i did a small extracurricular activity at the event raid boss spot i started with a few: then more: Then more: then even more: and the lucky number was 64 pks all there to afk players Karma is a B...
  3. i recently watched a twitch stream of a player from talking island server and saw one of those on a pvp, i searched and i saw a video wher it shows several of those (as you can see on this screenshot) What are this simbols (the ones above the WAR swords) and what do they mean, thank you in advance