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  1. tell me how one player lvl 45 who plays alone can kill knoriks.. you are dumb? lineage 2 isnt a cp game only
  2. its funny because i am lvling one elf mystic only for fun and spiders lvl 16 gives the same adena of timak orcs lvl 44... and people say "hardcore"
  3. ohhh thx.. for my god,.. thx ncsoft for ban this disgusting acc sharing.. one acc sharing less. now the bots ll can bot peacefull
  4. oh dude, can stop of shame yourself? u dont understand the problema yet?
  5. MAN 30 people can say that, but only 3 on fórum are agree with the rates, hardcore is not like that, the 90% of players who play alone cant progress, and all people who can its only for the event or lukcy in a daily and is not necessary do alts for adena, its insane, one cahr lvl 30 make more adena tan one 45. go and still playing your broke server, maybe 4 "hardcore" players ll leave, but like this, 1000 "normal" players ll leave
  6. all this smalls maintenence, only shows how the game is too big for your administration
  7. im tired of this smalls maintenances, i m tired oabout free fk and all issues, how much time need for understand and up the adena scale? one month? u are loosing players in your face and still doing nothing,
  8. 5800 on, on talking island server no queue, its weird, anothers days on this time had like 500 normal queue and 50/100 vip queue
  9. Welcome to IgnoreAge II, first select the name of your character , then try to dont speak to admins about plays issues because they never ll answer
  10. maybe on december, we dont know how ll be the event, but for sure ll be one more afk event.
  11. bro, the server has a lot of problems, buts seems like u are the problema, u want Friends but yours Friends are u computer, nobody who plays like sigle players with 1 ,2 accounts want play with a Monster of box
  12. sure bro, its the same for me, neither cant farm adena for buy it, the game have a lots of players but not for game quality, is only because is oficial and classic (a Little of nostalgic) if was only for gameplay, i think the servers would be empty, a lot of Friends quite too, i am near
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