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  1. 80 open boxes and 6 dragon breath, do i have to be rich to upgrade my dragon shirt to leather? and Magnate to radiant? do it make it more profitable.
  2. I have 3 rounds in my main i think is not that hard if u know when use greate dice.
  3. Winning 10 and 20 times Aden Tour u will get one ticket, then u can choise any u want
  4. Be nice with ous, all this time playing this way, extend the XP server setting at least one more weak, come on...
  5. The Stream was great as always my friend and u are a great healer, take back the moustache, u are like Conan w/o hair!
  6. We are only 5 ppl at cp right now vacations for 2 , u get ous with boxs.
  7. Im not protecting anyone, just saying, im DH and i never used any bot... so, again what do you mean with all chars?
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