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  1. Where is the complete Patch note? always the same? we have to guess what to to in the last hours? not fair
  2. We all know that, is a waste of time ask for a compensation.
  3. Is the correct Call, now, think in a good compensation and not only "sry and 1 cat buff" we are tired of that.
  4. Jeff Bezos is downloading Torrent maybe
  5. @Juji Can we subcribe Prestige Pack in this Site? Im From Argentina.
  6. Agree, is not bad like before, but melee lag is working not really good atm.
  7. Still not getting it, i have 1 Shilen Crystal LVL5 too and i pay 50b for it. But unlike you, it makes me happy that others have more possibilities to grow up.
  8. Dont get ur point, u complaining about Almost free good items? what difference make to u?
  9. But u only can use that "Shillen Crystal" in the Exalted weapon, So no difference, will be good for new ppl to lvl up faster only.
  10. Before migration was lag, and before lag was the DCs, i think the compensation should be really big, we are waiting for it sience 2 month ago
  11. There is any better compensation than extend for 1 more week the xp event??
  12. If u go to the old IOS zone and do 1 spot, doesnt matter ur lvl, ur gear or ur boost, the max adena u can make per hour is 350/370kk for me , for u, and for everyone.
  13. Yeah, that too, just waiting an explanation , idk something at least.
  14. Next time at least read the Post dude @L2quote
  15. U are so lucky, 80% of server is getting randoms DC several times in the day, lag still active too. Btw i dont need to change my provider, i have 200MB internet connection, and Lineage2 is not the only game i have on in my computer, but is the only getting randoms DC 1/3 sometimes 2/3 accounts.
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