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  1. What about an option to have the event item deleted / removed intentionally by the player, so the player can pick it in another char within same account?
  2. It's just a matter of having a little attention to customers.. 1 week ticket and still open without a single "CANT DO" reply. That's pathetic. What a service...
  3. So, still nothing.. No reply from tech support....................
  4. Just curious... Who do we have to kill in order to have a ticket promptly responded within 1 business day?
  5. Hello, how can I switch the event item to my other char in account? thx I've created a ticket, yet nothing so far..
  6. Hi, is there/what's the best repeatable adena quest?
  7. Hi, I accidently took the item with a wrong char. Can it be moved the other char in my account? Do I need to raise a ticket?
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