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  1. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    @Hime Do all support tickets get treated equally, or are some prioritized over others? Is it using a simple queue, first come first serve? What would you say the average time from receiving a ticket to responding with a non-copy paste response is? At launch, I understood tickets taking you guys multiple days to resolve, but two days+ is really excessive. Especially when it appears you guys are flagging accounts that aren't necessarily violating the agreements. Would it not make more sense to lock these accounts AFTER, investigating them, instead of "that account appears suspicious, let's block it for several days and wait to see if the owner sends in a ticket." As far as I know you guys do not offer any compensation for these screw ups, correct?
  2. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    How many days do you have to wait to get a response from support? Been waiting 24+ hours now. tickets:22324523 , 22324522
  3. Aye. Even if they decide to unlock my accounts this month, my concern is they may at any point flag my accounts again. Then I'll be locked out for who knows how long.
  4. Yeah, they seem to be flagging a lot of legit players, while the bots are mostly going rampant. Its pretty backwards.
  5. Similar experience, I had two locked sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. I put in two tickets, but no responses(except the auto-reply). Fresh windows 10 install with no third party programs, antivirus, etc I only got them to around lv 11, doing the newbie quests. It was a new trio I was putting together, and oddly they didn't lock the third account.
  6. Scroll: Weapon Enchant D

    This actually sounds like a great idea, may try this myself. I see a lot of aoe parties without spoilers, so doesn't seem like it should affect them. In event they have or obtain a spoiler, I can always just move to the next aoe party.
  7. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    Last night, I reformatted my previous gaming desktop. I installed lineage 2 and created two new accounts(I have not used these accounts on any other machine). I did not install antivirus, firewall, third party programs, etc. The only thing on here is the game, chrome(IE sucks), and my hardware drivers. I leveled the accounts up to around level 11 doing the newbie quests, and then was dc'd. Today, I queue them back up... after spending 10+ hours in queue, I decided to add NCoins and get VIP status..... to my amazement, the accounts are locked! Yes I'm still in a bloody queue that is counting down, but the accounts are locked! Guess what kind of UX I'm feeling about now? This is very agitating, rather than wait x number of days for support to reverse this screw up, it will be faster for me to just create new accounts. Those might end up locked too though. I really just don't understand this, every time I visit gludio I get instant spammed by adena sellers, and yet, I'm here playing legit, and get locked accounts.
  8. purposely lowering level

    Thank you :).
  9. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Update, little over 2 hours later, and I've moved up 12 positions in queue. Almost into the teens! Just a few more hours to go. I am going to VIP 1, soon as I get in. That said, I don't see why I have to wait in line for 10-12 hours, so I can finally spend the ncoins to become VIP.
  10. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Got dc'd....requeued almost 6 hours ago. I've had 40 people in front of me for a while now. Without anyone logging out, could possibly not get back in until next maintenance kick. Please increase the server pop limit :(.
  11. Bot's and Multibox

    @Juji @Hime can you at least say you are investigating what is/isn't allowed? I'm just trying to keep up with the competition.
  12. Bot's and Multibox

    I agree that it isn't automation, and I too don't think this player is afk. Do you agree though he is either using software to send one key stroke to multiple game windows, or that he is using a piece of hardware to send one keystroke to multiple machines?
  13. Bot's and Multibox

    Would like an official response on this as well. I've been manually controlling my characters and using the in game macros. I've found these buggy, unresponsive from time to time. For instance if I use spoil in a macro, occasionally I'll get an "enemy is too far away," when I'm in melee and don't even have to move. Manually hitting the non-macro spoil works 100%. Sweeper I've had very bad experiences with in a macro, sometimes character becomes completely unresponsive. I happily would use my Nostromo and its programmable features, if verified these kinds of software/hardware are allowed.
  14. purposely lowering level

    How many levels can you drop down and still use a skill? I was thinking it was 8 levels? Faster way to lower level besides dying to town guards? For instance, once my scavenger learns spoil festival and spoil sweeper, how low can I go, and still use these skills?
  15. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Vip has a queue if server reaches right capacity, I waited 25 minutes, longer if you count it dc'ing me in the middle of queue.