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    maybe they were keys zubei, and sold at 5k instead of selling them in store
  2. I am European, and I have been able to register
  3. Dungeon Abyss

    i got angels, songs and transformations, with my 3 chars in these last days
  4. HE: Doom light or BW heavy?

    I have a HE, and I had thought to make the set B Doom light. But listen to another HE, who is going to make BW heavy. I was looking at the statistics, and it does not seem like a bad option. That you recommend to me, considering that I usually play alone, with 2 boxes: PP and sws, and that I usually receive damage. What do you recommend for pve and pvp? On the other hand, I have dye of + 4dex -5con. With the arrival of the new patch and the runes and sieges, should I remove it? Thanks for the answers.
  5. verification codes

    I am also in the same situation, I have not received my verification code .... by google traslator
  6. I think just like the creator of the post. I do not think Ncsoft banned clean players, because they would lose money. Rather, I think it's a campaign of bootleggers and cheats to pity and that NCsoft stop banning By google translator
  7. AI xp scroll

    with my main character, I have not used the scrolls, and practically I do not have sp problems. with my boxes, i have used them, and I can not buy all the skills. by google traductor
  8. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    There are many bots lvl40+. 1 hour in a week is enough to ban them. Sorry my english
  9. Which bow to farm and level from 40

    I have an overenchanted LxB, and at level 47, I survive: I just won adena, but I do not lose it. so I'll hold up to 50+, where I hope things improve By google traductor
  10. I want to play solo!!

    You can also raise in Execution grounds. When you get close to level 40, go to lizarman plains in oren. up to level 44 you'll be fine. Then the only thing left is cruma, and if you're an archer, you're screwed. even so, if you save adena, you will be able to survive until you reach 50+, which I understand that you are throwing back some spots. By google traductor
  11. I do not understand why ncsoft does not ban the bots. the only thing that occurs to me, is that the bots pay for vip, and that prevails at the time of banning or not. But when there are no real players on the server, the bots will stop paying vip, and then it will be too late to ban them Google traductor
  12. How to refund my purchases ?

    I do not ask to level like a mage. I only ask to be able to level. nothing more. I knew how to level an archer before creating it. what I did not know, was that Ncsoft was not going to let me use SS from lvl 45+...
  13. How to refund my purchases ?

    I am in the same situation. I have an HE 44, and in lizarman, I see the blue warriors. I have tried to go to all the spots, and in none I earn enough adena to pay for the soulshots. And in cruma, as an archer, I can not level alone. I've tried, really, but the krators and the validus are impossible for an archer. And now, I find Nsoft's answer, basically telling me, to fu ck me and make me another class, that the archer is not worth to raise alone from level 45+ I'm vip 4, but that does not pay for the SS. I even thought to buy adena from the Russians, but that's not an option for me. If Ncsoft does not do something, we'll see what happens By google traslator
  14. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 28, 2018

    another week, without fixing the solo 45-55 spots, so another week without being able to level my main. I will continue climbing my dwarf, and the sws. But what will happen when they both reach level 44? then at that moment I will have to consider leaving the game ... by google traductor
  15. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    When are you going to publish the patch notes tomorrow? I need to know if you are going to fix the drop of adena in the 45+ solo spots, to see if I buy coins in the store. By google traductor