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  1. @Juji oh wow never thought you would support such changes! You changed the fixed dragon spawn because of script klicker that got all dragons. After random spawn they got just 1/3 of dragons! Now the change back to fixed spawn AND open the pk system are just epic fail even from you. The big spender will get now again all dragons and many will quit because of free pk system. Gz Juji you did what the big spender asked for

  2. 1 hour ago, Jinkariya said:

    Let's not be hypocrites here those who fights MS if they are switched position with MS do you think they would be humble about it? Nope don't think so you can easily how this players trash talks let me give an example Apex alliance who mostly farm dragons nowadays everytime they try to get a dragon all they say is Gz MS or whatever this alone accomplishing something so irrelevant such as Dragons wherein it's all about camping for long days which mostly at least outside of Apex alliance nobody in Chronos has the time for and yet they are acting all high and mighty already.I myself gets trashtalked a lot time and time again I'm being told by our competition that I'm a terrible player but hey it doesn't bother me one bit but rather I love it when people tells me that I'm horrible it makes beating them sweeter :D  Bottomline if a player can't handle a mere trash talk that person should consider playing a single player game and not an online mmorpg since no matter where you go there's always going to be competition, there's always gonna be trashtalks :D 


    i bet, 80% of this shouts are not from Apex member. All on server love to see when MS dont take a dragon. You need some balls if such trash talk affect you.

  3. 2 hours ago, Juji said:

    Discussing with Dev now on how we can improve the event to make it easier since we have jointly agreed it is too difficult. I also had some information to share for making it a bit easier to complete the event:

    If you defeat all of the monsters as quickly as possible in a round, then the difficulty will continue to increase until the boss appears (higher difficulty = more rewards).

    If you leave one or two monsters untouched during a round that is not challenging for you to clear and wait for the boss to appear, then the difficulty will not increase anymore.


    At this Video 13:25 min you can see, he get 851b XP. We get just 141b XP from this instance.

    That cant be just a NA server version thing. Why we get such a big cut???