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  1. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    Expecting fix for the lag, also expecting the server exp settings to keep going, until this lag get fixed permanently. Some of us decided to reroll after 15 years to a range dd class. Thank you NC.
  2. The overall lag got improved a lot. But the melee lag is bad again. @Juji @Hime
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    Lag is back and its bad as well @Juji And the latency in melee attack speed and in every crowded area, characters can't even move.
  4. Melee attack speed is still here, starting getting worse again. 3-4 hours after server opened, it was good. Now its around again
  5. The lag is back, and especially the latency in melee attack speed, is more than obvious. Lots of random disconnects as well.
  6. My heart breaking every day seeing my main character...being still my main character.
  7. Maybe a check for latency in attack speed again, for melee classes. Lag, disconnects also. It doesn't work well. Thank you.
  8. Big delay ,lag

    The latency we had the previous month on melee hits is back and its bad. Also the lag impact other functions, such as movement, chatting and everything. Seems like especially in melee hits the latency, is worst than ever. @Juji @Hime Thank you.
  9. Latency issues aren't solved, plus random disconnects every 2-3 hours. And its definitely not from our internet provider. 2 clients open, only 1 got disconnect. The latency issues are bad, the attack speed to melee classes is really frustrating. I hope you can fix it, because we already used 200% runes for these exp settings.
  10. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Thanks Hime.
  11. @Juji The delay and lag is back, for good . Half speed in attacking, lots of delay.
  12. Game is unplayable now!

    The latency is keep being huge and the lag makes the game really bad. This is the most annoying bug, everything works at half speed and people are losing their XP runes and consumables. A good compensation after this latency fix, would be appreciated, especially for the people who lost precious time and money. Thank you
  13. Main - Dual exchange service

    Yes @Juji thats a good suggestion If its possible to get in touch with Korean Dev team, it might something work. Some people playing the same character for over 10 years or so.. Its very difficult to reroll due to many reasons, such as non tradeable items and mostly the respect to the time they have spent in this specific character and the attachment The sure thing here, is that NC won't lose if that kind of service implements. In the contrary, if you put that as an NCoin service, you will have a good profit. Since the new ranking system is coming, is pretty much unfair for ppl that stuck in a main class that is no longer bringing fun to them (changes all these years, made some classes worthless) and you will give them the chance to reroll, by keeping the same character they love, all these years. In my case, i have a good pve geared wynn as main class , but still this gear is getting filtered through servitor sharing and the outcome is dissapointing, considering that this gear in another class, can be 100% more effective. Jewels, PVE/PVP belts, Cloak augments (only the active buffs are ok every 10 minutes) and many more, are wasted..I don't even mention the summon stats. Even with the latest "boost" , summons are 1 shot to everything in pvp and hitting back for like 500 damage crit. So the PVP content is forbidden for Wynns and the PVE content is also difficult, because everyone would prefer any other DD, but summoner in party instances or exp. The escalation is terrible So in the bottom line, if its possible to get in touch with the Korean Dev team, it would be very much appreciated @Juji Thank you
  14. @Juji Hello Juji Can you please look into open field raids barrier? It is still not working as intended.
  15. Yes, it's a really cool point of view! Consider implementing that!