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  1. @Juji Hello Juji Can you please look into open field raids barrier? It is still not working as intended.
  2. Yes, it's a really cool point of view! Consider implementing that!
  3. SS BUG

    Yes please fix that bug. It's frustrating.
  4. Main class change

    PROS ~ Lot of returners back in game. ~ Lots of boosts from NCstore to level up the new main class. Besides that, imagine that service cost about 4k or 8k coins. Well? ~ Ingame market boost. Armors, weapons and stuff will be at high demand. ~ New classes will cover the gap that already exists in parties, lack of supports especially. If you check party matching, takes ages to find specific classes. ~ CP's will be more flexible and CP members will cover all the gaps they have. CONS ~ NONE
  5. Main class change

    Yes +1 on this one. We need that service to change main class as soon as possible I already know friends, that will be back in game if this service will be implemented. It's a win-win situation NC!
  6. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    Yes expand it please. Under this event, many people came back in game and Chronos was fun again! Expand this event and bring more services! Thanks!
  7. March events

    Main to dual service would be a great addition. Please consider that seriously @Juji and bring it on!
  8. Change main class

    A new update is coming, higher levels will be unlocked and yet, many players are stuck with their main classes which are useless (in many ways). Reroll isn't a choice since there is so many non-tradable stuff in any character. So the question @Juji is: Is there any chance to implement a service (even a short time) along with the new update so we can change our main class? Something like Red Libra for main class. It will help a lot of people to adjust their main character and even more, it will bring back a lot of quitters. Thanks in advance.
  9. December 2018 Preview

    @Hime You should consider a service about swap Main to Dual sometime. Many players need that desperately cause they stuck in their useless main class, with non tradeable items (shirts etc). Also MANY ppl who quit, will come back. Consider this please. Thanks in advance.
  10. Main and Dual Class Swap

  11. PSA on Automated Macros and PvP

    There are a lot of ppl that lost their items due to force pk though. Lot of tickets sent to your team. Is there any chance to restore those items? Seems like this macro system will get improved in the near future (pve - pvp function). By this, at the moment it can be considered as "not working properly" situation. Bottom line, lot of ppl forced to lose items and that can happen in a minute or so. No need to be afk whole night.