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  1. That might be my worst post ever, but i am not throwing rocks to an already bleeding man. You believe that any trashing to Juji will fix server faster? You believe that he doesn't want or trying to fix server on purpose? Apparently he does his best, but if you want to curse someone, put your arrows to NC Korea, they are responsible for any delay on this situation.
  2. Definitely the lag is worse than ever and the game is unplayable in any aspect. Besides the melee lag, even skills are lagging as hell. Its very difficult situation for all the community and especially for @Jujiwho is doing his best to fix that. By trashing or cursing him in forums or discord, won't solve anything, i would like to ask for some patience more. I am affected player as well but please people, stay polite and don't make things worse. Eventually this will be solved at some point. Just lets try all together, to be helpful with feedback and anything we can do to
  3. The past year or so, people facing problems, such us melee lag, general lag and server random disconnects. That disconnects are a huge issue, especially when people, after a long time, gather up and playing together in party areas. One disconnect can ruin a party and affect more than one player. Even though, ppl getting over it and keep playing. But implementing, even temporarily the queue system especially in exp event, will make people's lives harder. Imagine to lose your tank or healer, for a disconnect that NC is responsible, and have to wait also in queue to lag back, because
  4. Divekio, i agree at the first place with your original post, that you must declare war in every clan you want. But also, there are clans, that are not interested on war, but willing to defend their spot. So removing the 5 kills trigger, is a fair counter action. My clan has 60 ppl, and we receive wars over a hunting spot, which is not fair. For example, if you declare war on my clan, i can still try to defend my spot. If i die, i will lose full exp, if you die, you will lose only the "active war" exp. Its very fair, that example. And you can pvp the clans that have 14 members
  5. I am talking about game mechanics from my own experience, i am not aware of what MS/FS/Nova or ProPVE does and not belonging to any of that side. And my own experience is that being in a pve clan, we got declarations over a hunting spot, just to leave from there. When my clanmates defend for themselves and killing the bully, a clan war appears in our screen. For an isolated incident, a clan war. Makes sense? No. So my posts are strictly to game mechanics and own experience. The current system is bully friendly, and has to be change.
  6. Don't get me wrong i agree 100% with you. If they remove the 5 kills trigger, someone can fight back for the spot, fight back the bully. Now its impossible, cause a possible engage, will affect the whole clan. Thats my point. But in any case i totally agree with you.
  7. The current war system is beneficial only for the bigger clans. In isolated incidents at hunting spots, players using the current war system, to keep their "spot rival" away from the spot. A war declaration involving the whole clan, but its used mostly, to gain advantage for a hunting spot. The only way for PVE or smaller clans to defend themselves is these: 1) Staying in 14 members clan, if they willing to fight back 2) They accept the bullying/griefing and looking for another spot. Remove the 5 kills trigger war and everyone will be happy. Thats mostly seems to be m
  8. No its not an exploit. But if you want that to change, it comes with 2 way changes. You can declare war to a clan with less than 14 members, but it would be fair to remove the 5 kills trigger war, for the entire war system as well. The entire war system, needs to change. Two clans should go to war, with their consedence. Bigger clans declaring wars, over a hunting spot and they don't give the chance to smaller clans to retaliate, for an isolated incident. The most fair change in my opinion, is to change the war system entirely. Remove the "14 clan members res
  9. @Juji The new system will be good only if: 1) You refund the victims in case they lose gear 2) Ban permanently the scammers. So it will be good for the community if you can quarantee about those 2 things. If not, all hell will break loose from Wednesday, since exploiters and scammers waiting for this chance. Also, if you are sure that this "fix" is working and everyone is safe, i guess there will be any problem if you promise for refund in potential scams. Thanks in advance.
  10. Expecting fix for the lag, also expecting the server exp settings to keep going, until this lag get fixed permanently. Some of us decided to reroll after 15 years to a range dd class. Thank you NC.
  11. The overall lag got improved a lot. But the melee lag is bad again. @Juji @Hime
  12. Lag is back and its bad as well @Juji And the latency in melee attack speed and in every crowded area, characters can't even move.
  13. Melee attack speed is still here, starting getting worse again. 3-4 hours after server opened, it was good. Now its around again
  14. The lag is back, and especially the latency in melee attack speed, is more than obvious. Lots of random disconnects as well.
  15. My heart breaking every day seeing my main character...being still my main character.
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