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  1. December 2018 Preview

    @Hime You should consider a service about swap Main to Dual sometime. Many players need that desperately cause they stuck in their useless main class, with non tradeable items (shirts etc). Also MANY ppl who quit, will come back. Consider this please. Thanks in advance.
  2. Main and Dual Class Swap

  3. PSA on Automated Macros and PvP

    There are a lot of ppl that lost their items due to force pk though. Lot of tickets sent to your team. Is there any chance to restore those items? Seems like this macro system will get improved in the near future (pve - pvp function). By this, at the moment it can be considered as "not working properly" situation. Bottom line, lot of ppl forced to lose items and that can happen in a minute or so. No need to be afk whole night.