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  1. if i dont get any answer here then i will request a refund. @Hime
  2. ty guys but its seems like the dont care. @Hime im disappointed, just that
  3. yeah, i wanted to give the a chance to, i really love classic. but pay 60 buck to be treated like trash is not pleasant.
  4. well, that's dissappointing... even more.
  5. yeah ik, losing 1 week of exp and rune/vip 4 + 1 week with 0 answer from the support department is like a kick in the nuts.
  6. yeah, i feel kinda disapointed right now, i buyed ncoins and packs because i trusted but they dont even care about me or anyone. i feel humillated by the support team, the only thing I received in the last 5 days was the same automated response than every one "Thanks for contacting us! Your request (xxxxxxxxx) has been received"" after that they didnt contac me again. after this I will think very seriously about giving them money again. @Hime ?
  7. Does anyone know what I need to do to be heard? idk something like threatening with a refund or something?
  8. support ticket;22097761 appeal ticket: 22139945
  9. LF guidance to claim money back

    @Hime same problem, 1 week of vip4 and chronicle pack wasted. 22097761 support ticket, 22139945 appeal ticket. please help, i just want to play with my acount.
  10. @Hime @Juji my main acount in wich i buyed a chronicle pack and 30 buck of ncoins got blocked about 1 week ago because of a problem with paypal and the chronicle pack payment, that problems was solved the same day but my account goy blocked anyways. i sended a ticket to @appeal and @support with another acount because my ac was blocked but i didnt recieved any answer for about 84 hrs, i lost 5 days of gameplay and chronicle pack/vip4 (7 if we count weekend). I dont know what else to do, i just want to play with my acount.
  11. @Juji @Hime Do you want to fix the problem? in talking island server theres like 17k of characters fishing, wich 80% are bots or people full time afk. so do you want an easy fix for queue? then remove that crap named fishing. at least until you fix the queue
  12. angel cat? wrong server my dude
  13. ty for the hard work, apreciated. @Juji off-topic question: do you know if there are any problems with the @appeal team? a lot of people dont have answer from them for about 2-3 days
  14. Delay to answer ticket

    i have been waiting for about 2 days without bumping my ticket and still have no answer
  15. + 1,stop this topic before its too late