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  1. Under discussion does not mean it's even being worked on currently. For the past 2 weeks they could have had an employee making changes. Instead there is some discussion going on and no action. WTF WTF WTF
  2. WTB Berserker Blade Edge 1 kk

    Last I saw someone was trying to buy blades @ 3 mil a piece so I think not.
  3. THANK YOU. I know I'm usually critical, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for showing us without a doubt player concerns are actively being considered. With the last maintenance, I know many players (myself included) were worried that no more changes were in the works regarding adena. A simple line such as "as we continue discussions about rates scaling" goes a long way. Thank you for proving adena rates is a concern by providing free teleports. This is the best I've felt about updates recently. Thanks so much.
  4. No Event For Classic?

    Hell I'm sure alot of people would want something as simple as a spellbook/key material event seeing how screwed up drop and spoil rates are currently
  5. No Event For Classic?

    Live also had a halloween event. L2 always has that stupid pumpkin/squash event. Classic is bleeding but live gets the dev team? Doesn't make sense.
  6. I know i'm not the only one disappointed by the lack of changes/progress in yet another maintenance, but did we also miss out on an event? I see one in live (looks terrible, but still, it's there) but nothing for classic. I know the classic events have been a horrible attempt and just cause people to remain logged in for RNG prizes but I expected at least that again. There were 0 quality of life changes this patch, instead they removed free teleports (which actually makes QoL worse). What gives? Is there just not a dev capable of making timely changes for Classic? It's been well over a month and this server is still in shambles. Not even an event to attempt to make up for the list of issues that just keeps growing? Idk how long I can remain optimistic that this game will truly ever be "fixed".
  7. Giran mass pvp 3 pts vs 7pts

    Awesome. I miss this pvp
  8. Do you have any in-game plans to combat adena selling spam? Something as simple as giving a player some NC coin per month to collect names for you would be sufficient. I understand it takes time and resources to have staff in game, but something as simple as this could be provided by "community leaders" or something equivalent. NC coin doesn't really cost you guys anything and would provide some relief from the constant barrage of spam seen in both PMs and general chat spam. There's even adena selling spam in the group matching windows now. This issue is getting out of hand, and while I understand there are more pressing issues for the dev team currently, something should be done about this issue. There has to be some way to look up the accounts/characters that have been blocked by hundreds of accounts for "gold spam" by now. Not sure why this isn't proactively being addressed.
  9. I'd bet it's this. They don't bring down the servers unless they screw something up. I mean bringing down the server and putting it back up would immediately fix all the accounts logged in and hours long queue for loads of people but we don't want that!
  10. We aren't even getting updates from Hime anymore. All the info is something is broken. Even the "update" with "fixed" adena rates just let us know more areas are broken than they've even worked on. WTF is with the horrible communication from this company? It's mind blowing.
  11. So -really- what do you guys think happened this time? People creating Kamaels? Some other nonsense? They have to have screwed something up yet again....
  12. What is the point of leveling?

    But you'll never get the afk event rewards just playing 2 hours! Gotta leave your char logged in when you aren't playing just to advance! /s
  13. Need advice ( Orc Raider )

    You're completely fine. Take the skills in order of priority to you right now and don't worry too much. Not only are you not even at your "real" 40+ skills yet, SP right now is so small that buying everything currently will take a couple hours to earn back at high level mobs. If you're ever really low on SP all you need to do is die and drop xp. As you gain the XP back, you get sp too, but again, as everything scales, once farming late game and deaths from pvp start to add up you'll have excess SP.
  14. Prophet mains

    Prophet mains are rare but most people have had one as a buffbot at some point. Just ask, I'm sure 95% of questions could be answered by someone who doesn't main it.
  15. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Thank you for giving comment to the issue. Really, it's all most of us want. We understand things are hectic over there just please don't leave us in the dark for days. I speak for many of us when I say we are extremely appreciative of any updates you provide. THANK YOU!!