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  1. about why guys stop player

    Why u use shots then? you know that shots are made to be a pvp / raid addon not regular pve stuff. If you want to use then anyway, find other way to earn adena
  2. Why this server is a total fail

    Stop crying, start playing? Enjoy the game. If you cant spend 12h+ on a game then you wont be on the top.
  3. Lots of players leaving

    Umm no. Ur just crying on forum rather than play a game. Also love that behaviour - just because I disagree does not mean I also use bots. Next thing - what servers did you play that did not have bots? As I remember - played here on Lionna - I saw tons of bots all the time and ppl really didnt care, just played the damn game. If someone thank that securing a game that no bots are allowed is easy then you have completly no idea what you are talking about. Do you know how software deployment look like? Do you know that without good tests deploying an update to security can cause more trouble than benefits? I am sure they are aware of all this but all changes takes time and you I assume do not understand that. Its not only NC Soft struggling with bots but all huge publishers. topic closed stop crying and complaining if you do not have damn idea
  4. Lots of players leaving

    Umm... there will always be bots. Get used to it. Change players to not use bots. I am not sure really what NC Soft is doing but I do not care. I enjoy the game. I am new player here and so far did not have problems farming where I want. Keep in mind that most bots are in low lvl areas because they are easiest to farm. Go other areas, that are not that common. I hardly saw any bots in Orc Barracks or some places in Wastelands. Ant nest is also quite easy to farm. just stop complaining and start enjoying what this game offers. Most ppl conplain because they are frustrated because other ppl are just better...
  5. soon™ Means not that soon... earliest end of month or later I suppose.
  6. OL debuffs / gear

    Well I have made some tests and I can see that seal of winter land about 80% on moba like krator/porta. without a weapon it lands about 50%. I assume the difference is about spiritshot use. m.atk does not affect debuff landrate.
  7. OL debuffs / gear

    Hi I am playing OL just hit lvl 40 and started testing of debuffs landrate. I got 2 weapons - Ghoul Staff - +5 Dual Revolution My set is Demon I have read that int and Matk does not affect debuff land rates (Skelth) but I see Bug difference between those 2 weapons when it comes to land rate. I rarely land anything with duals but Staff land rate is fine. I have no idea how my armor affects it. Anyone knows if we have something different here? If this was luck then what gear do you suggest? thanks!
  8. WTS/T +3 Ghoul Staff / Demon Set

    Hi Ghoul Staff - 14,5kk or trade for Yaksa + Adena Demon set - 2,8kk or trade for Divine Set Pm gebaFTW in game or leave msg here. thanks!
  9. Who cares? Maybe you stopped playing because game is to hard for you?
  10. <3 ppl crying for low rates when they come to PLAY CLASSIC HARDCORE, go back to GOD, where you had top equip at start with lvl 85
  11. Level 40 mobs

    Maybe stop using shots and you will stop crying for adena? I dont know if any of you played russian/eu classic? At start we did not use shots at all, only few chronicles later we started. STOP USING SHOTS -------> MORE PROFIT PER MOB GUARANTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  12. Spoil rates test

    Didnt you think it might use different datatable than on current wiki site? On old L2 classic (russian/EU) spoil chance was also LOWERED when compared to what is now on l2wiki.
  13. Level Up Adena Balance

    Well guys, you all checking database of skelth/russian servers. And thios is wrong, because its updated to latest chronicle. OLDER chronicles you had drop of 20 adena on lvl 20 Here adena drop is ok, stop crying.
  14. How are you feeling my fellow spoilers?

    Em.... really? I might miss something but, I was spoiling till 21 with my Artisan, and I was getting good spoils on this rates. I think most ppl are crying because you dont earn tons of money like on priv servers or old servers Spoil rate is low, and should remain low, its just addition to mobs killing. Some mats can be spoiled way easier than dropped and you still crying? There are plenty scavangers around, only few crying, the rest is playing, stop comparing this to OLD servers, this is different. I see already lots of people with TONS of mats (Irone ores, animal skins, animal bones etc.), some ppl sells massive amount of key materials (bone helmet design etc.) Only you stay on forum and cry