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  1. Augment weapon “chance to paralyze on critical hit,” has vastly changed since the update. Before update, it would PROC an instant 15 second paralyze. After update it’s a 15 second countdown of nothing but a “petrification” warning, and then a 10 sec paralyze. 15 seconds is a long time of nothing happening, for it to be useful, which is why I’m wondering if it’s as intended. 5 sec countdown and 5 sec paralyze would seem appropriate and less OP. ...My apologies, I posted about this in the wrong forum first.
  2. It appears that you need the therapy, if you believe your own conspiracy, and laugh so ridiculously at it. The diagnosis is “dementia,” you have this fantasy you believe as reality. I play on talking island and have no idea who this guy is. 76 in 4 hours is impressive, if it’s done legally and without glitch/abuse. More cheese less whine please.
  3. He must have saved up a bunch of items that gave instant XP. Then after a certain level, most likely ran around killing all the RB and Bosses with a streamlined and methodical clan/plan, while having around 200-300% more XP combined buff. He played smart, has knowledge, and has the clan/alliance behind him to help facilitate it all. $20 in NC store packaged bundled, but probably several hundreds of millions in adena and hoarded materials, either donated or earned, to get the insta XP items needed. I don’t know him and he doesn’t dispute the allegation of “botting” before, but no bot co
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