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  1. Advice for Mid geared Iss Doomcryer

    I would put tank as main and iss as dual. Or alternatively you could have 1 tank/tank and iss/iss. Iss can be hard to lvl if you don't have your own DD. Heirophant is a class for pom and fast CD of skills. Definitely a solo box toon. If you want to play more an iss which can share your shield and passive, go domi or swordmuse. Sigel Eva's Templar is still best choice for tank and is fun to play
  2. Advice for Mid geared Iss Doomcryer

    As previously discussed, warrior tree AP for DPS would tend to be a minority (v.well geared). That's not to say you can't go for this set up but be aware the damage output will be significantly lower than your dd counterparts. Generally to be relied upon and play a support class role you will massively benefit from knights tree AP and dual class skills. Indeed the gear you choose will play a large part in how effective you can be. If you prefer a DPS is set up go bladedancer or hiero for the PoM 101 skill. Feel free to friend me if you want my contact details. Always happy to talk iss with anyone
  3. Advice for Mid geared Iss Doomcryer

    AP are somewhat down to personal taste. As you are building a defensive build I will offer some advice. Feel free to propose alternatives. Pve p.def PvP m.def Attribute defence CD lvl 2 Heavy armor lvl 2 Crit damage reduction https://i.gyazo.com/7db688bfe892c401fdd38e01a46bd90d.png Like this but start with heavy armor lvl 2 and add the robe lvl 2 to unlock 12% more p.def underneath.
  4. Eviscerator Dual Class Skill

    Berserker's rage and death. Later you can add the attack ones as you level. Tyrr is all about p.critical damage. The Giant's faction talisman will give you another 3% for cheap/free. GL
  5. It's quite a broad question as many here will have their own preference and idea of what is good to them. Here are my two cents: If you want to take advantage of the Sub and Dual skills shared by the character then you would benefit from a support class (defensive). A tank, another iss enchanter, healer, even tyrr dreadnought. The same is true of gear. However, Heirophant is best suited to light armour due to the cd reduction and other perks of the light set bonus (at +8). I would be tempted to play a hybrid issue/iss in your case. Either heiro/doomcryer for the crier harmony or heiro/bladedancer for the lvl 2 warrior harmony. All 3 of these are popular with pts and dds and will help you to get into pts and benefit them the greatest. With the continuing 'free to play' theme creating an unbridgeable gap between those who spend and those who don't. You'll want to maximise the crossovers between your main and dual. If money is no issue, then damage dealers are great fun to play. However if you want to progress in the game and be useful in a pt set up, go the support route. Supporting others will teach you the core game mechanics and enable you to become a better player. Consider whether you will play another character to pt this one. If so, you can have a complimentary mix. Hope that helps you to decide.
  6. Tyrr GK skill enchants

    Very interested to hear people's advice. I'm leaning towards PVE but if can comment on both that would be much appreciated. So far I am mainly just +time on berserker and furious fists. +might on spirit of slayer +might on second wind +counter on wolf and buffalo Also any advice on momentum skills and how to rotate these while keeping up crit damage/white damage.
  7. Tyrr Titan setup - for begin

    Always reliable and grounded advice from Draecke. Btw tried to message you but wasn't able to on here. Would really appreciate your advice on Tyrr GK. Can we discuss?
  8. Tyrr GK AFK macro share

    For those faction/exhalted quests that will leave you with square eyes. What macro commands do you use? I am interested if I could do this better. Happy to share mine.
  9. Tyrr GK AFK macro share

    Legendary response. I generally don't either but the exhalted quests are just too dull to warrant me wasting my game time on.
  10. Tyrr GK AFK macro share

    How does this attack the mobs then?
  11. Tyrr GK AFK macro share

  12. little help dreadnought

    Ask higher lvl toons for exhalted 2 buff, use VP boosts, join clan for passive buffs, get a mentor for 50% xp and awakening certificates - free Immortal set/weapon/shots.
  13. little help dreadnought

    76+ Ketra Orc Village or Varka Silenos Barracks both from Goddard. 81+ Dragon Valley good xp and some associated quests. Hope it helps
  14. WTB noble circlet of berserker

    Message me for price/offers. Thx
  15. Iss Spectral Dancer

    Have you got 300 attribute on your weapon and 2 SAs? If not, that would be a good starting point. You can +4 your set with BEAR you get for free from doing instances like Balok, Octavis, Istina, Tauti, Ekimus. Outlaw talisman is really good for not much adena. If you're on a budget, hellfire or desire are good to slowly purchase using Giant's Energy. You can play Oly to earn these or buy from CH. You can also earn marks of battle here to buy codex and enchant your skills to +5 or 6. Do you a brooch with any la vie end rose gems? For iss, pve, diamond and pearl pvp, tanzanite and obsidian. Lvl 1-3 is fairly reasonable. You can get some free ones through NPC Penny in town for completing faction quests. Think about your play style, what you want to do and it is easier to advise you. Also knowing your budget. Hope that helps a bit.
  16. phoenix knight or evas templar for pve?

    Good info from these chaps. Heed the wisdom
  17. Tyrr Titan setup - for begin

    Only use duals on duelist. It's an expensive class and requires very good items to utilise effectively. You can read on some of the recent duelist thread on this forum. A lot depends of you want to PvP or pve. If some PVE ad some health SA. If not I would say death/(speed/crit) death or death/might depending on your stats. Aim for Crit rate full - 500, attack speed 1450+. Keep using cheap weapons until you can afford OE apoc or blessed or better R99. R99 SAs will cost a lot more though so think carefully what you will do. Hope that helps a bit
  18. khava vrs titan dps 101

    I will go the same route this red Libra event. I have seen some awesome titan builds but realise that I will only ever be a middle geared player. For this I think GK will do better. I like the idea of having a pole and using for various instances but I just don't have or can justify the extra cost. With the removal of sos, I think we'll see a lot less titan and more GK/Evi rolling around.
  19. phoenix knight or evas templar for pve?

    Sigil Eva's Templar
  20. GK

    The main ones: Spirit of slayer + might Second wind + might Wild roar + crit reduction Berserker + time Furious fists + time
  21. [Salvation] Abilities for ISS and SA (Weapon)?

    If playing support +4 or higher 1h 2/3 SA HP + shield. If just want HP then add bloody for more or pvp option if you are blood thirsty. If you play some 1vs1 PvP then Tauti 1h is nice cheap(ish) option. Can add 3rd sigil to match some HP loss. Weapon skill is nice for everything.
  22. Stun and Hold (Tips)

  23. Shield or Sigil for ISS?

    Unless you have stacked DPS set up on iss, I would advocate for 1h and shield set up. Yes, we don't get shield mastery but it adds def and allows HP SA set up on weapon. Works best on box but also helps give tanky main set up. Duals help trigger skill refresh for BR etc but it's not as important as staying alive and supporting. Just my two cents
  24. ISS Doomcryer Tips?

    Arcanjo, This may or may not help: I'm 102 Is doomcryer using: +8 light set (more dark and earth def for pve) Lvl 3 diamond, pearl, emerald, tanzanite. Frintezza soul necklace, queen ant soul, baium soul rings, blessed zaken and istina normal earring. 1 handed cutter with SA HP/HP acumen (HP soul is good for box or if skills not enchanted for mp regen) Monkey belt or Special PVE def from marks of battle +6 shiny shirt or Octavis shirt good cheap option. +15 Con dyes - dark resist does not work so don't bother or email NCsoft. 1 bottom slot Hair accessory Con+p.def and top slot noblesse for extra augment. I use Venir +14 for titan dual but stage 3, 11 etc are good for CON rather than STR. Big tip is play active and refresh mass debuff every 6 secs in grind pt to ensure mobs take proper debuff. So many is let pt down by having 15 sec debuff or not using other skills. Angels touch to healer on harder instances helps a lot. Requiem skill for VR on hard sections saves ppl, your heal is actually quite strong and boosts healers. Only area my is is let down on is AP set up due to titan dualclass. However for PVE is fine. I don't bother with siege anymore as the server is not worth fighting for. I'd be very happy to exchange ideas, tips and discuss further. Cheers