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  1. right, so naia and chronos have 2.5k~ and 2k are bots, whats the point of having 5k in the first months when already about 3k are shops, fishing or bots? its clear in a month will die, back to your cave now
  2. dont bother thinking about suggestions, I can promise they will NEVER do those changes, ever.
  3. that's exactly what these guys are complaining for you monkey, you need english lessons lil boy
  4. create a problem? sell a solution.
  5. well yeah i'm just saying because the amount of people they had, not to mention i also met a lot of honest and good people, which i'm sad to say most of them already left due to this.
  6. These guys don't deserver 1/4 of the players they got, they don't deserve 1/10 of the money they got, but im also sure people have stopped donating, I'm tilted i actually gave them my money in the beggining, hoping they could make a good server, thats why im mad.
  7. Honestly i Think NCWEst did the final blow to what started to be a great server, you had no idea how to run this server, mail me if you want some tips- I have 50 true players on my friendlist, guess how many been on the last few days? 3.
  8. Let's see if this post doesn't get deleted. I can say 100% that the guys behind this game never actually played it, never tested it or even care about it, the insane mistakes they make, halloween worst even ever, the first monter afk event aswell, aden dungeon truly bad, worst rates to begin with, then fix some zones to make the game TRULY BROKEN, while not adjusting tp cost for example, I mean, you guys expect for true honest players to farm 3 hours to then spend it all on soulshots and necessary tps and lose adena with it? come on, be rational. Also, before calling me a noob, I hav
  9. I saw your post, actually can't believe they remove it immediately, just what the bleep is going on
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